Income Support (IS)

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Income Support (IS) Claimants - people aged over 16 working less than 16 a week and having less money coming in than the law says they need to live on.

Source: Department for Work and Pensions (DWP)

Publisher: Department for Work and Pensions (DWP)

Geographies: Lower Layer Super Output Area (LSOA), Middle Layer Super Output Area (MSOA), Ward, Local Authority District (LAD), County/Unitary Authority, Government Office Region (GOR), National

Geographic coverage: Great Britain

Time coverage: 1999 to 2009

Type of data: Administrative data

Notes: Income Support can be paid to a person who # is in Great Britain # is aged 16 or over # is not working 16 hours or more a week # has less money coming in than the law says they need to live on.

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DWP at LSOA and ward level.

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Added to 09/02/2010
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Themes (secondary) Society
Precision #Information for dependents unavailable after 2002. Data includes Income Support Minimum Income Guarantee (ISMIG) for over 60s until August 2003 hence a drop in claimant numbers after this time. #All figures have been rounded to the nearest five, data suppressed where 10 cases or fewer
Update frequency quarterly
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