Grants to Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise Organisations

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Government Spending

The Council administers the following voluntary sector grants

Voluntary welfare grants Building works grants

The following welfare grants were awarded by the Council's Community Services with approval from the Portfolio Holder for Communities and Leisure. The majority of these are agreed on an annual basis. Colchester Strategic Plan 2015-18 Themes Vibrant - promoting our heritage and working hard to shape our future Welcoming - a place where people can grow and be proud to live Thriving - attracting business and selling Colchester as a destination Prosperous - generating opportunities for growth and supporting infrastructure Building works grant 2015-16 These grants are administered by the Council's Community Services group and are agreed by the Portfolio Holder fo Communities and Leisure. The grant is allocated through an application process for organisations that have a borough wide benefit. Applications are invited through the local media with more information on the Council's website when the grant is open and available. The funding comes from section 106 community gain from building developers. Under the Data Transparency Code, we are required to update this information on an annual basis NB Please scroll down to see most recent year

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