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Exceptions to Cross-Government moratoria on spend in HMRC Advertising & Marketing: Apr-June 2018

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HMG Ref Title Description/Notes for Minister Dept Control Type Requested Value Status/Decision/Result Minister Sub Date
HMG4592 Tax Credit Renewal The annual HMRC marketing campaign to encourage around 6 million people to renew their tax credits claim by 31 July deadline. HMRC Advertising & Marketing £1,500,000 Approved 04/04/2018
HMG4745 Childcare Choices HMRC and DfE jointly request approval to spend £1.6m (HMRC £1.2m and DfE £0.4m) to run the Childcare Choices activity for 2018/19. The activity is made up of three strands: Tax-Free Childcare (led by HMRC), 30 Hours Free (led by DfE) and Universal Credit (led by DWP) which are now extensively coordinated in a single portfolio under the Childcare Choices banner HMRC,DfE Advertising & Marketing £1,600,000 Approved 27/06/2018