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Exceptions to Cross-Government moratoria on spend in HMRC ICT : Apr - Jun 2014

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Department Organisation Name Project name Basis for expenditure approval Total Value requested (£M) Total Value Approved (£M) Date of approval
HMRC Risk Capability Enforcement and Compliance (E&C) has a commitment to deliver ?6 billion of the ?7 billion a year additional yield to the existing base lined HMRC target by 2015, as well as achieving 25% efficiency savings. Risk Capability is a key contributor supporting delivery of E&C?s additional yield as well as supporting committed baseline benefits, and is an enabler for a number of other dependent projectcs £6,020,000 £6,020,000 17/04/2014
HMRC Connect Enhance In line with Cabinet Office approvals process £2,380,000 £2,380,000 07/04/2014
HMRC Digital Solutions Strategic Outline Programme - Tax Credit Change of Circumstances In line with Cabinet Office approvals process £500,000 £500,000 01/04/2014