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Public toilets 05/11/2015

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ExtractDate OrganisationURI OrganisationLabel ServiceTypeURI ServiceTypeLabel LocationText CoordinateReferenceSystem GeoX GeoY GeoPointLicensingURL Category AccessibleCategory RADARKeyNeeded BabyChange FamilyToilet ChangingPlace AutomaticPublicConvenience FullTimeStaffing PartOfCommunityScheme CommunitySchemeName ChargeAmount InfoURL OpeningHours ManagedBy ReportEmail ReportTel Notes UPRN Postcode StreetAddress GeoAreaURI GeoAreaLabel
04/11/2015 Leeds Public toilets Green Bottom Bowling Green - Bowling Club Toilet Block OSGB36 419136 441656 No No No 0 Parks and Countryside ASSET/4164/BLDG LS20 8QB Silverdale Avenue Guiseley Guiseley & Rawdon
04/11/2015 Leeds Public toilets Garage & Toilets (toilet Block) Grove Hill Park & Nursery OSGB36 419449 445150 Parks and Countryside ASSET/0476/BLDGC LS21 3PE Ilkley Road Otley Otley & Yeadon
04/11/2015 Leeds Public toilets Otley Chevin OSGB36 420337 444488 Parks and Countryside ASSET/0996/BLDGC LS21 3JL Field Study Centre/Visitor Centre/Disabled Scooter  WC White House Farm Johnny Lane Otley Leeds LS21 3JL Otley & Yeadon
04/11/2015 Leeds Public toilets Depot: Toilet Block Nunroyd Park OSGB36 420453 440353 Parks and Countryside ASSET/5069/BLDGC LS19 7HR New Road Yeadon Guiseley & Rawdon