Complete list of translated genotype names (spoligotype:VNTR type).

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This dataset provides a list of translated genotype names (spoligotype:VNTR type) for bovine tuberculosis genotypes. Each isolate of bovine tuberculosis (bTB), usually one per herd breakdown, is spoligotyped and then VNTR typed at 6 loci. Together the spoligotype and VNTR type of an isolate are refered to as its genotype. Each unique spoligotype pattern is given a number, such as APHA Type 17 but the VNTR type is a complex set of 6 numbers such as 7-5-5-5-3-3.1. To simplify the reporting of bTB genotypes the combination of spoligotype and VNTR type is 'translated' into a simpler format: spoligotype number followed by a colon followed by a letter. Thus, an isolate of APHA Type 17 and a VNTR type 7-5-5-5-3-3.1 is known as genotype 17:a. This file lists the translation between simplified genotype and the original spoligotype/VNTR data. Attribution statement:

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Latitude: 60.8600° to 49.86°
Longitude: -8.45° to 1.78°

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