Child Well-being Index (CWI) 2009: Children in need domain

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Crime & Justice

This domain is about children who are in various kinds of need. The Children in Need Survey (2005) (CiN), from the Department for Children, Schools and Families, provides information on all the children served by local authorities in a given week. Source: Communities and Local Government (CLG) Publisher: Communities and Local Government (CLG) Geographies: Lower Layer Super Output Area (LSOA), Local Authority District (LAD), County/Unitary Authority Geographic coverage: England Time coverage: 2009 Type of data: Modelled data

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Local Index of Child Well-Being 2009

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Added to 09/02/2010
Theme Crime & Justice
Themes (secondary) Health
Geographic coverage England
Precision Just under one in six (17.5%) of the children lacked an LSOA code. Children without this information came overwhelmingly from a small number of local authorities. It was therefore decided to model this indicator on the basis of information available for the authorities where data was available. The domain reflects the expected rate of children in need in a given LSOA given other information about it. Through the use of regression analysis it was found that 32 per cent of the variation of children in need under 19, as a proportion of all children under 19, was explained by Income Deprivation Affecting Children (the Income Domain of the CWI), the Income and Employment Domains of the ID2007 and Education Domain of the CWI. This model was used to predict the proportion of children in need in all areas.
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