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Organogram of Staff Roles & Salaries Organogram - Senior CSV data

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Post Unique Reference Name Grade (or equivalent) Job Title Job/Team Function Parent Department Organisation Unit Contact Phone Contact E-mail Reports to Senior Post Salary Cost of Reports (£) FTE Actual Pay Floor (£) Actual Pay Ceiling (£) Professional/Occupational Group Notes Valid?
1056166 Lt Gen Andrew Gregory OF-8 Chief of Defence People Chief of Defence People directs and coordinates Personnel Strategy for the entire Defence workforce. By integrating the management of all personnel, whether Regular or Reserve, Civil Servants, or contractors, decisions can be taken using a ‘Whole Force Approach’, rather than in the silos that have existed in the past. His principal role is to ensure that the right policies, strategies and legislation are in place to ensure that Defence outputs are delivered by the right mix of capable and motivated people, that reflect the breadth of society we exist to defend, now and in the future. He reports to the Vice Chief of the Defence Staff and is responsible for advising the Defence Board on Defence People issues and the formulation of People policy.  He is the Senior Responsible Owner for the Defence Technical Training Change Programme, the New Employment Model and the Defence Diversity and Inclusivity Programme. Ministry of Defence Ministry of Defence Head Office and Corporate Services 0207 807 0425 CTLB Fin-Planning Grp Mailbox (MULTIUSER) 00155792 0 1.00 140000 144999 Military 1
1621728 Maj Gen Richard Nugee OF-7 Assistant Chief Defence Staff (Personnel Capability) / Defence Services Secretary ACDS(PersCap) also has the role of Defence Services Secretary (DS Sec). The Honours and Ceremonial Division supports ACDS(Pers/Cap) in both roles. The Division has a wide portfolio focused on policy for medals and commemorations; and Royal Household business. DS Sec is a member of the Royal Household. DS Sec also manages tri-Service appointments and Senior Officer remuneration in support of CDS. The DS Sec and the Royal Household Team, support The Queen as Head of the Armed Forces and ensures effective liaison between the Royal Household and the MOD. The team has responsibility for: military manpower support; submissions; petitions; Royal patronage; and the co-ordination of Royal Visits to the Armed Forces. The Ceremonial Events and Commemorations Team, develops and implements policies and events for national recognition of Armed Forces personnel, including being responsible for tri-Service policy for the national commemoration of anniversaries of significance to the Armed Forces and the MOD, and the delivery of these events. Ministry of Defence Ministry of Defence Head Office and Corporate Services 0207 807 0425 CTLB Fin-Planning Grp Mailbox (MULTIUSER) 1056166 0 1.00 115000 119999 Military 1
1621333 N/D OF-6 Head Training Education Skills, Recruitment and Resettlement TESRR sets and assures the strategic policies and high-level framework that govern, guide and empower JFC, the sS and CivHR (where relevant) to Attract, Recruit, Train, Develop, Retain and Transition Defence personnel. The policy for SP resettlement and the delivery of 3rd Line resettlement (through a Public/Private partnership) is managed in TESRR. TESRR is responsible for cohering the Training DLoD in TLCM and for the setting of strategic framework for Defence Training, Simulation and Infrastructure. TESRR works under ACDS(PersCap) to facilitate the 3* Defence People and Training Board and enables subordinate governance and coordination arrangements. TESRR has a strategic engagement and stakeholder influence role in order to enable the primary activities. Ministry of Defence Ministry of Defence Head Office and Corporate Services 0207 807 0425 CTLB Fin-Planning Grp Mailbox (MULTIUSER) 1621728 0 1.00 0 0 Military 1