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Approved Food Establishments Approved Food Establishments as at 1 November 2018

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AppNo TradingName Address1 Address2 Address3 Town Postcode Country All Activities Part A, Section 0: General activity establishment Part A, Section I: Meat of domestic ungulates Part A, Section II: Meat from poultry and lagomorphs Part A, Section III: Meat of farmed game Part A, Section IV: Wild game meat Part A, Section V: Minced meat, meat preparations and mechanically separated meat Part A, Section VI: Meat products Part A, Section VII: Live bivalve molluscs Part A, Section VIII: Fishery products Part A, Section IX: Raw milk and dairy products Part A, Section X: Eggs and egg products Part A, Section XI: Frog's legs and snails Part A, Section XII: Rendered animal fats and greaves Part A, Section XIII: Treated stomachs, bladders and intestines Part A, Section XIV: Gelatine Part A, Section XV: Collagen Part A, Section XVI: Honey Part B, Section I: Sprouts Part A (All sections) Part B (All sections) Species Remarks TSE Feed ban registrations/authorisations Poultry Bovine Caprine Lagomorphs Ovine Porcine Solipeds Ratite Wild Birds Wild Lagomorphs Wild Ungulates Wild Land mammals other than Wild Ungulates and Wild Lagomorphs Auction Hall Collection Centre Cutting Plant Cold Store Dispatch Centre Packing Centre Fresh Fishery Products Plant Factory Vessel Game Handling Establishment Liquid Egg Plant Mince Meat Establishment Meat Preparation Establishment Mechanically Separated Meat Establishment Purification Centre Producing plant Processing Plant reefer vessel Re-Wrappingand repackaging establishment Slaughterhouse Tannery Wholesale Market Freezer Vessel CompetentAuthority GeographicLocalAuthority X Y AddressWithheld
AR 001 Monteum Ltd Fishermans Wharf Brighton Road Shoreham BN43 6RN England Dispatch Centre (LBM), Processing Plant (Fish) DC (Dispatch Centre) PP (Processing Plant) Section: VII (DC), Section: VIII (PP) Yes Yes Adur District Adur District 522847 105040
AR 003 Southover Foods Ltd Unit 4 Grange Industrial Estate Albion Street Southwick BN42 4EN England Processing Plant (Meat) PP (Processing Plant) Section: VI (PP) Yes Adur District Adur District 524017 105030
AR 008 Higgidy Ltd 60 Dolphin Road Shoreham BN43 6PD England Processing Plant (Meat) PP (Processing Plant) Section: VI (PP) Yes Adur District Adur District 522311 105416
AR 009 Little Tums Unit D1 Dolphine Way Shoreham-By-Sea BN43 6NZ England Processing Plant (Meat) PP (Processing Plant) Section: VI (PP) Yes Adur District Adur District 522635 105277 No