Marine - Defra finance technical and transactions team - requisition form

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Responsible Party: Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (pointOfContact)


Internal requisition form generated for the marine innovation event.

The requisition has been approved and the supplier paid. This historical record has been published to demonstrate a raw format of requisition requests.

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Dataset Extent

Latitude: 55.8° to 50.0°
Longitude: -5.7° to 1.8°

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Source GEMINI2 record
Source GEMINI2 record (formatted)

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Added to 24/06/2016
Theme Environment
Themes (secondary) Government Spending
Temporal coverage 1/2/2016 - 31/3/2016
Harvest URL
Harvest date 21/02/2018 03:30
Metadata date 20/2/2018
Harvest GUID 57ee9b80-0afd-4e10-b812-6fd78ac970d9
Extent Latitude: 55.8° to 50.0°
Longitude: -5.7° to 1.8°
Spatial reference system
Dataset reference date 3/3/2016 (creation), 20/5/2016 (revision)
Frequency of update notPlanned
Responsible party Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (pointOfContact)
Access constraints There are no public access constraints to this data. Use of this data is subject to the licence identified.
ISO19139 resource type dataset
Metadata language English
Schema/Vocabulary No value
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