Big Tree Plant Scheme Locations England 2013/2014

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This dataset has ben superseded by the following dataset, which contains all years and accuracy of site location has been improved:

This data shows the locations of the Big Tree Plant scheme locations for 2013/2014 .

The Grant Scheme is now closed to new applicants.

The Big Tree Plant:

  • was a national campaign that brought together a partnership of national organisations who already plant trees, as well as civic and community groups working with Defra and the Forestry Commission
  • was launched in December 2010 to increase the number of trees (individual, small groups, street trees and fruit trees) planted in towns, cities and neighbourhoods throughout England
  • encouraged and supported people to establish, protect and enhance local green spaces
  • was supported by a Forestry Commission funding scheme, giving up to £4 million in grants (2011 to 2015) to help pay for the planting of at least one million new trees in urban areas
  • aimed to make neighborhoods more attractive, healthy places to live; particularly in areas of greatest deprivation and/or where there is little greenery


FinYear = Financial year in in which the project is assigned ProjectNo = Big Tree Plant project reference number OrgName = Name of the organisation who applied for the Big Tree Plant project Attribution statement: Contains OS data © Crown copyright [and database right] [year].

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Dataset Extent

Latitude: 55.816° to 49.943°
Longitude: -6.236° to 2.072°

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Extent Latitude: 55.816° to 49.943°
Longitude: -6.236° to 2.072°
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