Exploring: Social Investment and Foundations

Alongside established grant making, foundations are using social investment as a tool to help them achieve their social mission. This open dataset (Social Investment and Foundations) and accompanying visualisations showcases where and how a number of Foundations are investing. This early stage dataset is just a snapshot of the current market and over time we anticipate more Foundations will contribute data to this resource.

The data fields are aligned to the EngagedX Investment reporting STandards (EXIST) © 2013 Engaged Investment Ltd.

Investment To Date

Year-On-Year Cash Investment

A summary of cash invested by foundations from 2010 to 2013. The donut charts beneath this show the cash invested per sector and the investment product types.
Data Fields: Cash Invested, Sector, Product Type

Sector Summary

Product Type

Investment Strategies

The chart shows where and how investments have been made by foundations between four categories. Hover your mouse over the threads to show the amount invested between each data field and move the coloured bars on a vertical axis to change the structure.
Data Fields: Cash Invested, Type of Organisation, Product Type, Purpose of Investment, Sector

CoInvestment Contributions

CoInvestment To Date

Foundations are collaborative investors in the sector. This visualisation shows that by investing £6.2m, these three foundations have contributed towards wider a total investments of £105.6m.

For example, the total investment of £12m has included co-investment by The LankellyChase Foundation (£600k), The Barrow Cadbury Trust (£600k) and other investors (£10.8m).

The outer segments show specific investments by foundations and the inner segments show the investment totals.
(Graph segments not to scale:
Logarithmic sizes are used for clarity)
Data fields: Cash Invested, Total Value, Foundation