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Dataset Views Downloads
Organogram and staff pay data for DEFRA 19689 6233
Farm Rents 11368 3001
Fruit and vegetable wholesale prices 11016 3042
Local Authority Collected Waste Management Statistics 10833 5356
WasteDataFlow - Local Authority waste management 10764 6282
The UK Renewable Energy Planning Database 10565 2341
Average temperature and total rainfall in England and Wales 9749 3564
Farming Statistics 8407 1523
Survey of public attitudes and behaviours towards the environment 7853 1589
Noise exposure data - England 5689 1737
Database of registered common land in England 5642 2715
Spend over £25,000 in the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 5462 5396
June Survey of Agriculture and Horticulture, UK 5209 1796
Workforce Management Information - Defra 5129 2528
Wild Bird Populations in the UK 5022 1733
Family food open data 4936 1326
UK Statistics on Waste 4488 1474
Sheep and Goats annual inventory 4422 0
Single-use plastic carrier bags charge data for England 4380 2507
Slaughter Statistics 3959 1208
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