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Dataset Views Downloads
Central Government Property and Land including Welsh Ministers estate. 29529 15040
Senior Officials "high earners" salaries 15025 3714
Government construction pipeline 9403 4543
Special Advisers working in the UK Government 5832 1340
Organogram and staff pay data for the Cabinet Office 5826 2287
Ministerial gifts, hospitality, travel and meetings with external organisations in Cabinet Office 3748 945
Central Government, Welsh Ministers and Local Government including Property and Land 3580 1805
Senior Civil Service officers working in the Cabinet Office 2757 810
National Information Infrastructure 2127 341
Honours lists 2067 578
Listing of publishable central government tender documentation for tenders over £10,000 1821 397
Spend over £25,000 in the Cabinet Office 1812 1468
Government Grants Register 1782 440
List of domain names 1682 353
Your Freedom 1574 109
Implementing the Government ICT Strategy - ICT Metrics 1475 368
Operational Efficiency Programme Benchmarking Report for April 2009 to May 2010 1389 439
Cabinet Office annual report and accounts 2013 - 14 1305 82
Community Life Survey 1293 274 usage statistics 1213 240
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