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The Official Yearbook of the United Kingdom
Office for National Statistics
Covers government, international relations, defence, education and training, the labour market, social protection, health, crime and justice, religion, culture, communications and the...
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Towns & Cities
HackCambridge Resources
Cambridgeshire Insight
Can you help #hackCambridge to tackle the city’s challenges? Cambridge’s brainpower is being challenged to take part in a 24hr Hackathon to find ways of using technology to tackle the...
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London 2012 Opinion Research
Greater London Authority
Throughout 2012/13 the GLA carried out a programme of research to explore the impact that the London 2012 Games and the work of the GLA has had on the opinions, behaviour and attitudes of...
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Digital inclusion profiles
Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council
A series of profiles on how different sectors of the resident population in Calderdale use and view digital technology. These have been created to help inform how we interact with our...
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