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This page lists the public commitments to the release of further datasets by the Department along with links to the data where is has been released or identified as an unpublished dataset. These commitments are only those which have been made to the release of data and Departments may have made public commitments in terms of further activity. This page does not list links to the corporate commitments which all central government Departments and ALBs have been committed to release from the Coalition Agreement and letters from the Prime Minister of May 2010 and July 2011.

This page is a beta release – it does not yet list all of the commitment which the Department has made. Further additions will be made on an ongoing basis.


Prime Minister's Letter May 2010

No data provided

Prime Minister's Letter July 2011

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Open data strategy

Commitment Dataset
A searchable image database of over 10,000 works of art collected by the HMG over the past 100 years. Data is also exported to CultureGrid and Europeana for reuse and wider distribution.
Data from publicly funded organisations in Culture, Heritage and Sport on finance and organisational practice.
Data on GVA and employment resulting from projects participating in the Urban Broadband Fund.
Details of all licensed local authority public spaces. Data is supplied by local authorities. This will be of benefit to citizens who wish to hold a regulated event and the hospitality industry in general.
It is not known if BDUK are planning to collect data on coverage of this and other schemes.
Broadband Rollout programme Monitoring data
Administrative data from local bodies and their suppliers undertaking infrastructure projects on broadband rollout
Details of every awarded National Lottery Grant DCMS Lottery Grants Database
Taking Part Survey
Since 2005/6 DCMS has commissioned a face-to-face household survey measuring attendance and participation of cultural and sporting activities. We have always includes questions on satisfaction and experience of events, from 2012-14 we return to the original sample group and asking them the same questions. In this way we will track change over time for particular individuals.
Taking Part: England's survey of culture, leisure and sport
Survey of Olympic Inspire Mark projects
Survey of Inspire Mark project managers, examining the numbers involved in projects, the benefits of the programme and the perceived impacts.
Official Statistic. Survey of residents in the Olympic Host Boroughs exploring how they have benefitted from Games opportunities and the impact on East London
Survey of residents in the Olympic Host Boroughs exploring how they have benefitted from Games opportunities and the impact on East London
Survey of Olympic volunteers
Survey of volunteers to official Olympic programmes, exploring their experiences, skills gained and propensity to volunteer previously / in the future.