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This page lists the public commitments to the release of further datasets by the Department along with links to the data where is has been released or identified as an unpublished dataset. These commitments are only those which have been made to the release of data and Departments may have made public commitments in terms of further activity. This page does not list links to the corporate commitments which all central government Departments and ALBs have been committed to release from the Coalition Agreement and letters from the Prime Minister of May 2010 and July 2011.

This page is a beta release – it does not yet list all of the commitment which the Department has made. Further additions will be made on an ongoing basis.


Prime Minister's Letter May 2010

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Prime Minister's Letter July 2011

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Open data strategy

Commitment Dataset
Basic Company Data
Companies House will develop a free downloadable bulk data file for open re-use which includes Company name, number, registered address, registration date, filing status and SIC code;
Basic Company Data
Unique Reference Indicators
Data should be published in ways which make it as easy as possible for others to reuse. This does not just mean making it available in an accessible format, but also making it possible for users to identify what the reference for the data is. Companies House are preparing a free bulk data product which will provide a snapshot of company data on a monthly basis, in order to make the most of this Companies House have introduced Unique Reference Indicators (URIs) for all companies on their register. Third parties will be able to access these URIs or embed them into their own systems and services, allowing more efficient data linking for the information industry. Companies House are considering an enhancement to the URI to allow company name searching so consumers of the data would not need to know a specific company number. They could search on company name and we would produce a list of potential matches, although there are no definite timescales for such a release at present. Companies House are also looking into the possibility of providing a URI to access basic company statistics, such as number of incorporations / dissolutions.
Company identifiers (URIs)
Higher Education Key Information Set
From September 2012 the Key Information Set will be a major source of information for prospective students
KIS / Unistats data
Ordnance Survey National Trails dataset
The Ordnance Survey is working with Natural England to make a dataset of National Trails available as part of OS Open Data (which incorporates the Open Government Licence) for delivery in April 2013