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Reactive and Planned Maintenance for High Level Gutter Cleaning, Fascias and Soffits

Reactive and planned maintenance for high level gutter cleaning for a number of three and four storey residential buildings in Ipswich.

Ipswich £80,000

Tender or contract 24/02/2015
DFID 5264 Technical Assistance to Support the Implementation of Nepal Health Sector Programme (NHSP-2) Phase-2 - Contract Amendment No. 5

Contract Amendment

East Kilbride West £291,227 Tender or contract 24/02/2015
Research into Access To and Use of Buildings

The purpose of this research is to scope out existing evidence to support evaluation of Part M (Access to and use of buildings) and supporting statutory guidance in Approved Document M (Access to and use of buildings) of the Building Regulations. This will be the first of two phases, with a second phase delivering necessary further research and analysis (if considered necessary), subject to agreement of Ministers to take that work forward. Full details can be found in the attached specification.

United Kingdom £0

Tender or contract 24/02/2015
HMP Manchester K Wing Atrium Glazing

HMP Manchester K Wing Atrium Glazing BPRN 572/13/1583

Greater Manchester £95,488.24 Tender or contract 24/02/2015
Contract for Executive Search and Select for PB1 Defra : Chief Drinking Water Inspector

Contract for Executive Search and Select for PB1 Defra : Chief Drinking Water Inspector

United Kingdom £21,000 Tender or contract 24/02/2015
Hawk TMk1/1A Integrated Operational Support

The proposed contract will deliver Hawk TMk1/1A availability to the users and the primary object will be the provision of serviceable Hawk TMk1/1A aircraft and aircraft spares to meet the demands of the flying programme.

United Kingdom £100,000,000

Tender or contract 24/02/2015
Refurbishment of Containment Level 2 Laboratory 3A43-48

The works comprise the refurbishment of containment level 2 laboratory rooms 3A43. Removal of internal office and installation of doorway to 3A44. Flooring, ceiling, lighting, emergency light switching/PIRs, electrics, to suit alterations to layout. All fittings and fixtures to be identical unless specified otherwise.

Colindale £39,539 Tender or contract 24/02/2015
NHS Airedale Wharfedale and Craven CCG Diabetes Service

NHS Airedale, Wharfedale and Craven CCG are reviewing their current Diabetes Service and new contracting and commissioning models will be considered to transform care for patients with diabetes. As part of this review the CCG wish to undertake a Commissioning Intention Event to engage with providers to gain a better understanding of their views about future ways to commission this service. The aim is to redesign and transform services for diabetes patients that will deliver: • Desired health outcomes for patients with diabetes • Enable integration of the system of care for patients with diabetes • A sustainable model that encourages innovation and maximises value for money We are offering a workshop intended as an awareness, communication and information-gathering exercise offering an opportunity for all interested providers to help inform commissioning intentions. This process will assist the Commissioner when considering an appropriate model to use to commission the ...

West Yorkshire £0 Tender or contract 24/02/2015
Business & IT Service Continuity Review

ICT Auditor/Service Manager to work within the existing supplier landscape specific experience in Business and IT Service Continuity covering Data Backup and Restore Services, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Management; 3rdParty Supplier Management.

Swansea £29,400 Tender or contract 24/02/2015
Tier 2 Weight Management Services for C&YP PH110

This is an expression of interest only stage.Documents are available via the clarification tab. A formal expression of interest must be made via this portal by 5pm March 10th 2015. To do this please select view details and from the next screen you can express an interest. The procurement for weight management services is needed in order to meet Milton Keynes Council’s public health responsibility for commissioning tier 2 services for obesity prevention and management for children and young people, under the Health and Social Care Act 2012.The service is to identify and support overweight and obese children and young people to reach and maintain a healthier BMI. Through the provision of multi-component comprehensive programmes, which address dietary intake, physical activity levels and behaviour change.

Campbell Park £0 Tender or contract 24/02/2015
Health Economics Metrics

1.The Department of Health’s remit letter for 2014/15 commits PHE to “promote the evidence of the return on investment for the health and care system of public health interventions”, and there is a corresponding commitment in PHE’s business plan for 2014/15. 2.Based on our conversations with directors of public health, local authority chief executives, and commissioners in the NHS, there is a clear desire for more information to help local authorities and the NHS make the case for investment in public health. Currently, there is a wide range of information and tools developed by various sources, but these are not easily accessible, and we do not have a systematic list of what is available. 3.In order to meet our commitments, PHE wishes to commission a systematic search to identify existing tools and evidence summaries which local authorities could use to make the case for investing in prevention or early intervention, to prioritise investment (and disinvestment) or to improve ...

£29,917 Tender or contract 24/02/2015
GB-Exmouth: Provison and Installation of 2 Commercially available Parade Ground Stands

Provison and Installation of 2 Commercially available Parade Ground Seating Stands providing a total of 400-420 two independant stands of 200-210 seats each.

Portsmouth £10,000

Tender or contract 24/02/2015
GB-STOCKTON: SP1163 - PS150-2.15 Refurbishment of Podium Corridors - The North Tees & Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust

Carry out internal refurbishment of the Podium corridors consisting of decoration, flooring, wall protection, doors and ceilings and associated electrical and mechanical services.

Hartlepool and Stockton-on-Tees £100,000

Tender or contract 24/02/2015

Humber NHS Foundation Trust is looking to enter into a contract for the replacement of vanity units to 20 bedrooms at Hawthorne Court, Beverley. The scope of this contract will be for the replacement of vanity units with new healthcare IPS system incorporating Dart Valley wash hand basin with wave on activated taps to 20 bedrooms at Hawthorne Court. Works are within a 20 bed mixed rehabilitation unit offering a comprehensive rehabilitation service for people experiencing severe and enduring mental illness. Works include strip out of existing fixtures & fittings including vanity units, sink, taps, mirrors, wall finishes, lighting & services. Replacement units include Bushboard healthcare IPS systems incorporating new Dart Valley High Security V2 Basin complete with integrated backplate, wave on sensors, taps, high security waste and grate. All removable IPS panels to have locks and security clips suitable for mental health settings. All flooring and decoration works affected by ...

East Riding of Yorkshire £0 Tender or contract 24/02/2015
1671-Framework Agreement


London £600,000

Tender or contract 24/02/2015
Support for All Our Stories Digital Archive

Increasing the number of All Our Stories digital records on Historypin

United Kingdom £18,106 Tender or contract 24/02/2015
BREEAM Assessor required for Isolation Laboratory for the Dept. of Physics

The project aims to provide a suite of three underground laboratories designed to provide unprecedented low levels of noise and vibration for facilitating Quantum Technology experiments at the highest attainable international level. There will be a small amount of ancillary accommodation required to operate the laboratories (workstations and welfare accommodation). It is anticipated that the new building will be around 200 m2 and have a construction cost in the region of £1.1-£1.2m. This is a very technical scientific project and as such will require a bespoke assessment.

University £0 Tender or contract 24/02/2015
Project Management Support

To provide a Programme Leader to work as part of the senior leadership team to ensure delivery of the report.

London £207,800 Tender or contract 24/02/2015
GB-Portsmouth: Maintenance support and emergency repair to a Field EmmissionScanning Electron Microscope

Preventative maintenance support including 48 hour response time for emergency call out on a Sigma Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope (FESEM) including an Oxford Instruments INCA IDX with X-Max50 Silicon Drift Detector. To include labour, travel and replacement parts including oil change, tip replacement and system check.

Portsmouth £10,000

Tender or contract 24/02/2015
6385 Assessing Significance of Monuments within Registered Cemeteries: A Pilot Survey

There are 106 Registered cemeteries/burial grounds in England, the vast majority Georgian and Victorian cemeteries. This registration takes account of the overall significance of each cemetery, considering such matters as its landscape character, design, history, and monuments and other structures. Many of the latter - tombs, gates, chapels and the like - are of national significance in their own right and some may be listed on the National Heritage List for England. However, many more have yet to be formally assessed. This project aims to establish a suitable national methodology for undertaking rapid assessment and generation of lists of potential candidates of such asset types for designation for Registered cemeteries. It will focus on six sample sites across the country.

United Kingdom £12,000

Tender or contract 24/02/2015
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