DFID 6125 Supporting Stability and Promoting Democracy (SSPD), Palestine

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Created on30/04/2013
Reference numberPO 6125
Deadline date30/04/2015
Estimated length of contract24 Months
Estimated value£1,875,387 - £1,875,387
Location where the contract is to be carried outEast Kilbride West
Name of the buying organisation Department for International Development (see other contracts from this organisation)

Description of the contract

The objective of the programme is to support 600,000 Palestinians to be able to more effectively hold their authorities to account through a more inclusive civil society. By providing support to Palestinian civil society groups to monitor how the PA spends public money, help independent media to represent the voices of people who are not normally represented and help young people (particularly young women and girls) to engage with the PA.


DFID 6125 Supporting Stability and Promoting Democracy (SSPD), Palestine
(PO 6125 Contract.zip)

Additional information

Additional NotesN/A
Is it a framework agreement?Yes
Awarded on08/04/2013
Awarded value£1,875,387

Awarded suppliers

British Council (see other contracts awarded to this supplier) M1 6BB

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Email enquiry@dfid.gov.uk

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