DFID 5975 - Education Operational Research and Evaluation (EDORE) Nigeria

Created on26/03/2013
Reference numberDFID 5975
Deadline date10/03/2017
Estimated value£5,998,766 - £5,998,766
Location where the contract is to be carried outEast Kilbride West
Name of the buying organisation Department for International Development (see other contracts from this organisation)

Description of the contract

The contract will address research and evaluation needs within specific DFID projects, for example the ‘Girls Education Project’ (GEP3) in Northern Nigeria, as well as respond to broader research themes emerging across DFID’s education portfolio. The initiative will also address evaluation and research for proposed new projects which are expected to start in 2013, such as the ‘Low cost private education project’ (LOCOPE) and the ‘Teacher Development Project’ (TDP). The successful provider will coordinate and work closely with the implementers of other DFID funded education projects to ensure the full utilisation of technical outputs of this programme, to contribute to project course correction where relevant, and to work towards closing gaps in evidence, both nationally and internationally. The scope of the work is: - Quality assurance on education data, research and evaluation in Nigeria - Operational research that contributes to project learning - Evaluation of specific DFID projects - the Girls Education Project (GEP3) and the planned Low Cost Private Education Project (LoCoPE) - Selected thematic research across DFID’s education portfolio in Nigeria


DFID 5975 - Education Operational Research and Evaluation (EDORE) Nigeria
(PO 5975 Contract documents.zip)

Additional information

Additional NotesN/A
Is it a framework agreement?No
Awarded on16/12/2012
Awarded value£5,998,766

Awarded suppliers

Oxford Policy Management (see other contracts awarded to this supplier) QX1 1BN

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Email Enquiry@DFID.gov.uk

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