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Multidisciplinary Panel 2010-2014

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Created on01/04/2011
Reference number69.3.1.11
Deadline date17/08/2014
Estimated value£50,000,000 - £50,000,000
Location where the contract is to be carried outLondon
The Multidisciplinary Panel provides services across the whole of England
Name of the buying organisation Homes and Communities Agency (see other contracts from this organisation)

Description of the contract

GENERAL SERVICES MANAGEMENT OF MULTI-DISCIPLINARY CONSORTIUM/ TEAM 1. Provide a single management team to achieve best value, cost control and reporting procedures. 2. Comply with HCA’s single Equalities Scheme. 3. Comply with all aspects of Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007 (as amended) 4. Operate within a co-design approach, and on the basis of co-production. LEAD CONSULTANT – MANAGEMENT 5. Liaise with other consultant(s), monitor and advise on issues as necessary, in defined role in specific commissioned project. 6. Comply with all current legislation STAKEHOLDER MANAGEMENT 7. Liaise and negotiate and work collaboratively, as necessary with stakeholders, including local authorities and other statutory bodies (e.g. PCTs, Highways Authorities, Education Authorities), NGO’s, utilities, client and consultants on all matters related to production of physical, social, environmental or economic plans and studies and infrastructure related to development and regeneration issues. 8. Work with communities, residents and local authorities to establish shared vision and objectives for projects 9. Liaise with enforcing authorities where necessary e.g. Health and Safety Executive, Local Authority Environmental Health departments and fire departments. RESEARCH STUDIES 10. Advise, prepare, organise and submit desk top studies and reports. 11. Preparation of perspective sketches, images for proposals including presentation material for exhibitions the press and presentation both on hard copy and electronically. 12. Research, advise and present impacts of emerging legislation and best practice guidance including sustainability issues. 13. Assist the client with the preparation of good practice guidance and research and help the client in the promotion of this material. PROMOTIONAL MATERIAL SERVICES 14. Provide mapping, graphic design or drawing preparation services for publication to hard or electronic copy. 15. Undertake actual layout design or provide appropriate input to the preparation of reports and publications. 16. Provide publication design services or arrange for and manage the printing, duplication, binding and distribution of publications as appropriate. POLICY AND STRATEGY ADVICE / REPORTS 17. Monitor and reporting on existing and emerging policy, innovation, research and practice in relation to all aspects of housing growth, regeneration and development including government policies and policy development.. 18. Advise, support and represent the client at public enquiries, providing proofs of evidence and presentation material and attending case conferences. 19. Provide input for inclusion of development policy and information for statutory Spatial Planning Documents. 20. Undertake factual reporting, preparation of numerical data and provision of diagrams/photos/schematics for inclusion in the Corporate Plan, Annual Report, other HCA publications and project reports. CONTRACT ADVICE 21. Provide advice on contractual or other legal matters and where relevant complete legal documentation in consultation with the client’s legal advisors. Project Work Stages A and B – Feasibility – Appraisal and Strategic Objective Setting 22. Prepare feasibility studies, options and viability / funding / delivery strategies for development areas. 23. Incorporate meaningful community involvement in studies and evaluation 24. Undertake site investigations and prepare site appraisals 25. undertake socio-economic forecasting to inform options 26. Advise on site constraints. 27. Advise on, organise, support and lead public participation and consultation exercises, including community engagement workshops, collaborative events and feedback and follow-up. 28. Prepare client submissions for inclusion in development policies and Local Development Frameworks and Associated Documents. 29. Liaise with developers, relevant authorities and client on all matters concerning development proposals. 30. Review and advise on relevant government policies and policy developments. Project Work Stages C and D – Outline and Detailed Proposals 31. Prepare outline and detailed, designs, reports etc. covering all aspects of housing growth and regeneration 32. Prepare drawings, specifications and contract documents for works to allow for the tendering and construction of housing growth and regeneration works. Issue documents and assess tenders. 33. Provide costing advice for all designs. Project Work Stages E, F - J – Final Proposals and Tender Action 34. Provide advice and evaluation of developers’ proposals and costs. 35. Provide services or assistance with tender procurement e.g. preparation of tender documentation and drawings, tendering in accordance with OJEU requirements, tender appraisal, 36. Provide evaluation of preferred contractor, an produce and issue contract documents. Project Work Stages K - L – Construction 37. Provide construction (pre, during and post) monitoring and design verification services, including full Construction Quality Assurance and validation where necessary. 38. Administer contracts and supervise the works all in accordance with HCA procedures. 39. Undertake design monitoring and design audit to ensure compliance with quality standards. 40. Provide certification services for, amongst other things: code for sustainable homes. Project Work Stage M – Feedback 41. Assist the client with the preparation of good practice guidance, research, promotional and advisory material, arising from project involvement. All to be consistent with HCA’s emerging knowledge hub protocol. MASTER PLANNING AND URBAN DESIGN PROCESS 1. Identify community and stakeholder constraints and opportunities. 2. Identify all social, economic, environmental and physical constraints and opportunities. 3. Plan and implement community engagement strategies in accordance with best practice (e.g. HCA toolkit and local Sustainable Community Strategy). 4. Work in accordance with collaborative, co-design principles PRE-DESIGN 5. Prepare and advise on urban density and capacity studies. 6. Analyse and advise on local economic development in the context of sub-regional and regional economic planning. 7. Prepare and advise on demographic forecasts in terms of age structure, household structure, incomes, and migration. 8. Undertake all necessary regeneration and development studies throughout the lifecycle of a project. STRATEGIC ADVICE 9. Facilitate and/or attend community engagement processes to establish programme or project objectives. 10. Analyse feedback from community engagement processes, including community engagement workshops and Enquiry by Design exercises. Work to embed the findings in the housing and regeneration strategy and Masterplan. 11. Prepare development appraisal, feasibility and delivery strategies in relation to master planning projects. 12. Prepare client submissions for inclusion in development policies, Local Development Frameworks and associated documents. 13. Prepare and advise on town centre strategies. 14. Review and advise on government policies and policy developments related to masterplanning, urban design, sustainable development, urban extensions, housing, green space, infrastructure etc. DESIGN 15. Prepare comprehensive Design Code documents, including clear illustrative material and briefing documents, to support Local Development Frameworks, and the development of Masterplans for growth and regeneration sites. 16. Prepare designs up to detail stage for public realm strategies, including hard and soft landscape, street furniture, signage, public art provision, highway and utility provision, public/private interfaces and all external works. 17. Prepare development frameworks and Masterplans for major development and regeneration projects, including resolving the physical, social, economic, statutory and financial issues to produce a practical, deliverable Masterplans. 18. Review, appraise and advise on development proposals submitted by developers and provide on going guidance on development plans. 19. Advise, negotiate and administer Section 106 Agreements, Community Infrastructure Levy or Tariffs on behalf of the client. DELIVERY & IMPLEMENTATION 20. Provide construction (pre, during and post) monitoring and design verification services, including full Construction Quality Assurance and validation where necessary. 21. Prepare development plans and development briefs for individual development sites and prepare relevant marketing material. USE & OCCUPATION 22. Incorporate long-term management in all design considerations. 23. Monitor and evaluate design solutions in occupation ARCHITECTURE FOR ALL STAGES OF THE RIBA PLAN OF WORK PROCESS, INCLUDING: • PRE-DESIGN - (RIBA STAGES A & B, Appraisal/Briefing and Strategic Brief ) • STRATEGIC ADVICE - (RIBA STAGE B, Strategic Brief) • DESIGN – (RIBA STAGES C, D & E, Outline Proposals, Detailed Proposals and Final Proposals) • DELIVERY & IMPLEMENTATION – (RIBA STAGES F – J, and K – L) • USE & OCCUPATION 1. Provide architectural design and drawing services 2. Provide lead designer and coordination services 3. Provide advice, enabling, facilitation and reports 4. Provide site inspection and quality control services 5. Provide post occupancy monitoring and evaluation for learning 6. Provide dissemination material to inform future design processes, standards, and construction methods. LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE PRE-DESIGN 1. Carry out detailed site assessment and evaluation of existing landscapes prior to generating development proposals. STRATEGIC ADVICE 2. Promote best practice in Landscape Architecture and government policies on the built environment and open space on behalf of the client. 3. Produce strategies that demonstrate a sustainable approach to the development of sites and identify opportunities for integrating sustainable technologies into development proposals. 4. Advise on historic landscapes and development proposals that might affect them. 5. Prepare Historic Landscape Characterisation studies. 6. Prepare strategies and frameworks for integrating Public Art as part of overall landscape design in regeneration or new development projects. DESIGN 7. Advise on public/private realm proposals and strategies including interface between landscape spaces, utilities, transport infrastructure and buildings. 8. Prepare plans and designs up to detailed design stage for public and private realm schemes including; hard and soft landscapes. 9. Prepare landscape sections of design codes to support development plans, including illustrative material. DELIVERY & IMPLEMENTATION 10. Prepare works contracts and monitor construction including arranging for the adoption of landscape areas. 11. Prepare landscape master plans for major regeneration and development projects. 12. Provide high quality Landscape Architectural input to all land use development briefs as part of a multi-disciplinary team of consultants directed by the client. 13. Advise on the procurement and costs of Public Art aspects of design proposals. 14. Prepare briefs for the appointment of Artists to work on regeneration projects. TRANSPORTATION (ENGINEERING AND PLANNING) PRE-DESIGN - (RIBA STAGES A & B, Appraisal/Briefing and Strategic Brief ) 1. Advise on, prepare and submit Transport Impact Assessments and undertake follow-up work as necessary including liaising with other client consultants, local authorities and other agencies. STRATEGIC ADVICE - (RIBA STAGE B, Strategic Brief) 2. Undertake traffic and transportation studies, including modelling. 3. Comply with the New Roads and Streetworks Act, including consultation with relevant statutory authorities, recharge and reinstatements; liaison with utilities and negotiations and advice. 4. Comply with Traffic Orders, traffic and pedestrian control measures, including statutory and voluntary consultations. 5. Monitor and advise the client on EU and UK Government legislation relating to Transport Impact Assessment, including case law and precedent setting cases. DESIGN – (RIBA STAGES C, D & E, Outline Proposals, Detailed Proposals and Final Proposals) 6. Undertake preliminary and detailed design of schemes 7. Prepare, design and report on transportation proposals required for the delivery of the client’s development or regeneration interests. 8. Review, assess advise and report on transportation proposals submitted or presented to the client by third parties, including developers, landowners, local authorities and other government or NGO organisations. DELIVERY & IMPLEMENTATION – (RIBA STAGES F – J, and K – L) 9. Advise on highways and utilities contracts for developments. 10. Manage and advise on highway adoption issues. USE & OCCUPATION 11. Advise on, administer contracts, supervise as necessary all matters relating to: - Maintenance, cleansing, repair and safe condition of highways, footpaths, cycle-ways, street lighting, signage, access ways and other hard surfaces, adopted or otherwise; DRAINAGE, HYDROLOGY AND HYDRAULIC ENGINEERING PRE-DESIGN - (RIBA STAGES A & B, Appraisal/Briefing and Strategic Brief ) STRATEGIC ADVICE - (RIBA STAGE B, Strategic Brief) 1. Provide advice on constraints created by private and public drainage and the requirements of the Environment Agency, IDB’s and utilities companies. 2. Carry out Catchment analysis: Undertake feasibility studies including necessary modelling. DESIGN – (RIBA STAGES C, D & E, Outline Proposals, Detailed Proposals and Final Proposals) 3. Prepare detailed modelling and design a. associated with hydrology. b. To mitigate flooding c. To adapt to potential unavoidable flooding DELIVERY & IMPLEMENTATION – (RIBA STAGES F – J, and K – L) 4. Liaise with utilities for the adoption of proposed and existing sewers etc. 5. Advise, organise and supervise, as necessary all matters required under the “Reservoir Act”. USE & OCCUPATION 6. Advise, organise and supervise as necessary the implementation of relief solutions to flooding, including flood defences or flow attenuation devices/structures. ENGINEERING Geotechnical & Remediation PRE-DESIGN - (RIBA STAGES A & B, Appraisal/Briefing and Strategic Brief ) 1. Undertake desk top studies to determine the feasibility of options for development. STRATEGIC ADVICE - (RIBA STAGE B, Strategic Brief) 2. Design, procure, manage and report on site investigations for geotechnical and contamination assessment purposes, including borehole drilling, sample recovery and testing, installation of monitoring devices and undertaking monitoring. Specify laboratory testing (physical and chemical) and analyse results. 3. Site inspection or assessment using CCTV/ sonar/ geophysical/ aerial/ satellite imagery or other techniques. 4. Undertake tiered risk assessments for contaminated land in accordance with regulatory requirements, particularly for impacts on controlled waters and human health. 5. Undertake quantitative and visual modelling of contamination plume or extent of pollutant migration and consideration of options for remediation; 6. Prepare contamination remediation strategies, including consideration of source-pathway-receptor linkages, options for management/satisfactory exit, design of new landform as appropriate, treatment methods, extensive treatment/longer term management methods and validation of strategy through detailed quantitative risk assessment; 7. Advise on issues of land stabilisation and mining subsidence. 8. Assess information related to abandoned coal and non-coal mines (including shafts, infilled quarries and pits, drifts and adits), identify and report on hazards and quantify risk/safety factors; DESIGN – (RIBA STAGES C, D & E, Outline Proposals, Detailed Proposals and Final Proposals) 9. Advise on soil properties in relation to foundation design, earthworks and remediation. 10. Prepare Geotechnical design for foundations, supporting sub-structures, slopes, bunds, retaining walls and other ground improvement/reclamation engineering. 11. Prepare computational analysis and modelling of collapse or failure, determination of Zone of Influence for areas overlain by mine voids; 12. Prepare reports setting out Consideration of options for management or treatment of mine voids, including environmental management requirements, Best Practice and cost/benefit appraisal. Structural Engineering DESIGN – (RIBA STAGES C, D & E, Outline Proposals, Detailed Proposals and Final Proposals) 13. Provide structural design services including bridges, tunnels, retaining walls etc. 14. Carry out design of structural elements for new build or repair/refurbishment for residential, leisure, amenity, commercial, industrial structures and applications, including houses, multi-storey buildings, bridges/walkways, gantries, supporting structures, etc. 15. Structural design using a wide range of materials e.g. timber, steel, glass, concrete, composites, traditional and non-standard materials, and consideration of off-site manufacture and site erection. DELIVERY & IMPLEMENTATION – (RIBA STAGES F – J, and K – L) 16. Procure and supervise construction of bridges, tunnels etc. USE & OCCUPATION 17. Carry out statutory inspection of bridges, structures and other property, including compliance with Building regulations and other legislation, defect identification, structural investigations, testing, repairs, and other works. 18. Prepare, procure and supervise repair contracts to existing properties Infrastructure & Utilities DESIGN – (RIBA STAGES C, D & E, Outline Proposals, Detailed Proposals and Final Proposals) 19. Undertake preliminary and detailed design of schemes. 20. Provide advice on reasonableness of requirements from statutory undertakers in respect of standards, specification, materials, capacity and cost, for utilities to be adopted. DELIVERY & IMPLEMENTATION – (RIBA STAGES F – J, and K – L) 21. Procurement of whole range of utilities and services (water, electricity, gas, clean/foul drainage, telecommunications etc), including connections and compliance with adoption standards. USE & OCCUPATION 22. Carry out inspection of drains, catchpits, inspection chambers, ducts and other services infrastructure on client’s property, including asset identification, defects investigations, drainage surveying, testing, repairs, refurbishment, upgrade and other works. 23. Advise, organise and supervise as necessary on all matters relating to: Maintenance, cleansing, repair and safe condition of infrastructure, footpaths, street lighting, cycle ways, access ways and other hard surfaces, adopted or otherwise. 24. Advise on all physical infrastructure adoption issues. ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY DESIGN SERVICES, INCLUDING ENERGY AND WATER PRE-DESIGN - (RIBA STAGES A & B, Appraisal/Briefing and Strategic Brief ) 1. Advise on the planning issues, PR and socio-economic aspects of Renewable Energy projects. 2. Monitor and report on new and emerging policy, innovation , research and practice in energy provision. 3. Advise on the interrelationship between differing technologies, related to mixed technology projects and wider sustainable construction and energy efficiency. 4. Advise on the role of Renewable Energy in mitigating against climate change, heat poverty and building efficiency. 5. Advise on grants from public, private and charitable funding sources and mechanisms and their application. 6. Advise on creative methods of improving the sustainable impact of procurement. STRATEGIC ADVICE - (RIBA STAGE B, Strategic Brief) 7. Advise on the creative application of sustainability standards. 8. Advise on the practical application of renewable energy, alternative forms of energy production, sale and distribution, including the use of ESCOs and other corporate, contractual or charitable structures that encourage or enable alternative energy use. 9. Advise on sustainable construction strategies and the means of improving sustainability in construction methods and practice. 10. Provide advice on noise, air quality etc issues. 11. Provide advice on engineering elements to comply with planning (biodiversity, habitats, heritage, noise, dust/air quality, light and other environmental issues) and use of alternative construction methods/materials in relation to specific projects to promote sustainability, Best Practice and value for money. DESIGN – (RIBA STAGES C, D & E, Outline Proposals, Detailed Proposals and Final Proposals) 12. Advise on the incorporation of renewable energy technologies to incorporate efficient, low carbon, renewable and other sustainable forms of energy generation and use in proposed and existing projects. 13. Review and report on the energy efficiency and sustainability of energy use and supply in the client’s projects, those of its partners and any other interests it may have. 14. Undertake sustainability assessments for projects, programmes and policies, in order to improve design and policy development. DELIVERY & IMPLEMENTATION – (RIBA STAGES F – J, and K – L) 15. Advise on whole-life costs, sustainable long term management of buildings/green spaces and the principles of green economics and environmental capital. 16. Advise on sustainable procurement, supply chain analysis, sourcing, pooling and costing and partnering relationships that can be developed with suppliers. 17. Advise on specific costs issues related to sustainable procurement practices. 18. Carry out Investigation, monitoring, management and control of pollution, wastes, flooding, notifiable or invasive weeds, accident hazards and other potential, actual or residual risks. 19. USE & OCCUPATION 20. Assess the compliance of new buildings with BREEAM, EcoHomes, NHER and other sustainability standards required by the client. 21. Issue certificates of compliance with recognised construction and development standards required by the client. 22. Advise on (and achieve certification status where applicable) emerging sustainability standards, including revised BRE and NHER standards and the Code for Sustainable Homes. SPATIAL PLANNING PROCESS 1. STAKEHOLDER MANAGEMENT: Liaise as necessary with National Government, Regional Planning Bodies, Regional Government Offices, other Statutory Bodies and Stakeholder bodies and the public as the client may instruct. 2. Provide expert witness services/representation in relation to strategic planning matters. PRE-DESIGN - (RIBA STAGES A & B, Appraisal/Briefing and Strategic Brief ) 3. Provide national planning/policy guidance and advice 4. Provide regional/sub-regional planning guidance/support and advice. 5. Monitor R.S.S./LDF’s as identified and directed by the client. 6. Monitor and advise the client on EU and UK Government legislation relating to Environmental Impact Assessment, including case law and precedent setting cases. 7. Monitor and advise the client on best practice implementation of Health Impact Assessments for LDFs and site specific projects. 8. carry out and provide advice regarding comprehensive housing market assessments and their implications regarding Local Development Frameworks - Carry out comprehensive assessment of all housing types, tenures and household groups; identify gaps in relation to supply and demand for all household types (including older, young and vulnerable groups), by reference to future predicted socio-economic demography, taking full account of predicted economic trends at regional, sub-regional and local geographic scales. STRATEGIC ADVICE - (RIBA STAGE B, Strategic Brief) 9. Supporting/representing the client at Examinations in Public, Development Plan CDP/CPO inquiries, roundtable in informal hearings, appeals, Section 78 appeals and such other general issues as the client may instruct. 10. Prepare planning strategies, Local Development Frameworks (Draft Area Action Plans, SPD etc) for development and regeneration projects. DESIGN – (RIBA STAGES C, D & E, Outline Proposals, Detailed Proposals and Final Proposals) 11. Undertake preparatory discussions with L.A.’s and coordinate submission of planning applications, negotiate planning approvals. 12. Advise on, and on behalf of the client, and in the best interest of the public sector, negotiate and administer Section 106 Agreements and other levies on land and development, in respect of commitments and contributions. 13. Advise on, prepare and submit Environmental Impact Assessments where necessary as part of the Masterplanning process and undertake follow up work as appropriate including liaising with other consultants, local authorities and other agencies. 14. contribute to the preparation of Sustainability Assessments. Community Formation and Participation PROCESS – COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT 1. Assist the client in establishing frameworks and proposals for community development initiatives relating to its projects and interests. 2. Assist the client in proposals for community capacity building relating to its projects and interests. 3. Assist the client to incorporate community aspirations and objectives in its projects and interests. PROCESS – COMMUNITY PARTICIPATION 4. Organise and run community events on behalf of the client including those aimed at participation, engagement and consultation as part of the planning or development process. 5. Use Public Art as a means of engaging with local communities and key stakeholders involved in complex regeneration projects. PRE-DESIGN - (RIBA STAGES A & B, Appraisal/Briefing and Strategic Brief ) 6. Prepare and undertake socio-economic surveys, analyse findings and report on issues and trends 7. Prepare and undertake comprehensive social and economic analysis of existing or proposed communities, identifying causes of social exclusion, poverty and decline. 8. Prepare strategies for social and economic sustainability in new, emerging or regenerated communities and developments, addressing social exclusion, poverty and affordability. 9. Develop models for demographic forecasting and apply modelling techniques to inform development strategies, in collaboration with other models e.g. PCT/ Education. 10. Advise on, contribute to and prepare neighbourhood renewal policies and strategies following best practice advice regarding community engagement e.g. HCA’s Community Engagement policy. 11. Carry out mapping of existing social infrastructure (e.g. education, health, recreation, cultural, social care and shops) and undertake gap analysis to identify future needs and the long-term financial viability of proposed new and existing facilities. Prepare phased delivery plans. 12. Review local employment issues and needs and report on and prepare strategies and actions to address them. 13. Prepare strategies for generating local employment through construction, development and post-completion stages of major projects. STRATEGIC ADVICE – GOVERNANCE AND STEWARDSHIP 14. Assist and advise the client on emerging best and good practice in local governance, democratic processes, co-investment partnerships and management frameworks; 15. Assist and advise the client on local frameworks and joint ventures, partnerships, arms length companies and charitable organisations with partners from public, private, voluntary and social enterprise sectors. 16. Assist and advise the client at planning and development stages on emerging and best practice regarding neighbourhood management strategies; 17. Prepare strategies for long term governance and management of completed development and sustainable communities, including adoption, transfers, Local Area Agreements, long-term management and funding. 18. Review and advise the client on the pros and cons of appropriate not-for profit types of institutions e.g. charities, LLPs, industrial and provident societies, mutual or co-operative organisations, community interest companies. 19. Assist and advise the client and the local community on capital and revenue funding issues. 20. Take full account of local community management options, using advice from the Asset Transfer Unit, amongst other best practice advice. COST CONSULTANCY SERVICES STRATEGIC COST ADVICE 1. Prepare cost estimates for inclusion within HCA’s Capital or Revenue Budgets. 2. Collate and report financial data for regular monitoring and budgetary control of contracts. 3. Prepare regular project management reports in respect of progress made, upcoming work items, problems encountered, opportunities, potential difficulties and proposals for managing these in a timely and cost-effective manner. Provide early warning of increased costs from delayed completion, changes in the programme; delays affecting client’s key dates. 4. Provide information, as requested by the client in order to prepare committee papers and reports. 5. Attend programming and other technical meetings and provide co-ordinating and managerial input. 6. Prepare monthly progress reports in respect of client commissions. PROJECT RELATED COST APPRAISAL 7. Develop costed options for developing different sites and development programmes. 8. Prepare financial aspects of development appraisals, including effects of capital and revenue expenditure, project cost calculations and cash-flow projections 9. Prepare life-cycle cost studies, including forecasts for running costs. 10. Advise on availability of funding and investment. 11. Ensure knowledge of HCA’s funding and investment strategies are kept up-to-date. 12. Assist clients, including community-led organisations, with preparing appropriate documentation sufficient for grant or investment applications and agreements from all sources for housing and regeneration. 13. Prepare initial budget estimates from feasibility proposals 14. see also services listed in General Services PRE-CONTRACT COST CONTROL 15. Prepare and develop preliminary cost plan. 16. Advise on cost of design team’s proposals, including effects of site usage, shape of buildings, alternative forms of design and construction as design develops. 17. Monitor cost implications during detailed design stages 18. Maintain and develop cost plan, and prepare periodic reports and updated cash flow forecasts. TENDER AND CONTRACTUAL DOCUMENTATION 19. Advise on tendering and contractual arrangements 20. Advise on insurance responsibilities and liaise with Client’s insurance adviser. 21. Advise on warranties. 22. Advise on bonds for performance and other purposes. 23. Prepare tender and contract documentation in conjunction with the Client and members of the design team. 24. Manage, advise on, contribute to, participate in the tender process. 25. Prepare report on tenders with appropriate recommendations representing best practice professional advice. 26. Prepare recommendations of interim payments to contractors, subcontractors and suppliers in accordance with contract requirements. POST-CONTRACT COST CONTROL 27. Cost draft variation instructions prior to issue 28. Prepare periodic cost reports in agreed format at specified intervals including any allocations of cost and/or copies as requested by third parties. 29. Prepare the Final Account PROJECT MANAGEMENT PROCESS 1. Prepare monitor and manage a project programme 2. Incorporate community engagement timescales within the programme in accordance with best practice e.g. HCA’s Community Engagement policy and emerging toolkit. PRE-DESIGN 3. Define project objectives and outcomes with the client and stakeholders STRATEGIC ADVICE 4. Work with the client to establish the management and decision-making structure for projects. DELIVERY & IMPLEMENTATION 5. Assemble and coordinate the project team 6. Manage other consultants directly appointed by the client, as appropriate 7. Identify project risks with the project team and prepare, monitor and manage the risk management strategy 8. Arrange and chair project team meetings 9. Coordinate activities with others providing community engagement and participation services (see section 12), HOUSING DELIVERY STRATEGIES AND MODELS PROCESS 1. Support the client in carrying out ‘objective setting’/visioning workshops with stakeholders, to identify and agree shared objectives for housing delivery as part of wider economic, social and environmental objectives, contributing to emerging Local Investment Plans 2. Produce project plan, as lead consultant, for including and linking design, delivery, occupation and funding considerations and sufficient iterations of options to arrive at the best fit, giving demonstrable Best Value for the public sector as a whole. Allow for innovative solutions to have full consideration. 3. Consult widely regarding housing delivery strategies, as necessary, to identify and work with appropriate stakeholders. Assist the client in preparing stakeholder influence matrices. 4. Assist and advise the client in preparing procurement strategies for land and/or construction to identify the most appropriate procurement approach, including full consideration of the objectives and desirable outcomes established in the local Sustainable Community Strategy, and emerging Local Investment Plans. PRE-DESIGN – HOUSING OPTIONS APPRAISAL 5. Assist and advise the client to assess each option and make a considered recommendation. Consideration must be given to: Density; decanting of existing stock; existing fabric; design; spatial planning; economic viability for capital and revenue expenditure, including whole-life value; environmental sustainability; community cohesion and adaptability of the built form. 6. Provide advice to the client on the full range of housing delivery options, in order to achieve sustainable communities, in the context of broader economic, environmental and strategic frameworks, commensurate with the client’s financial regulations, and current and evolving policy. 7. Incorporate guidance emerging from housing market assessments 8. Ensure all options are considered in terms of sensitivity analyses. 9. Ensure options are considered in terms of the financial controls and critical drivers of all stakeholders – identify risks, conflicts and blockages, and suggest mitigation actions. 10. Assist and advise the client with negotiating nominations agreements between agents and Local Authorities/sub-Regional bodies. STRATEGIC ADVICE – HOUSING DELIVERY STRATEGIES 11. Prepare strategies for housing delivery that will assist in the creation of mixed and sustainable communities. 12. Assist and advise the client regarding costs associated with housing specific standards, e.g. Lifetime Homes, Housing Corporation Scheme Development Standards, NHF ‘Standards and quality in development: a good practice guide’, the Code for Sustainable Homes, Millennium Communities standards, and emerging Building Regulations, as well as standards relating to public realm and long-term management (including Total Place, Total Capital, World Class Places). DELIVERY AND IMPLEMENTATION – HOUSING ALLOCATIONS AND TENURE MIX 13. Advise the client in the implementation of the Sustainable Communities Plan intentions regarding mixed communities:- tenure mix as one part of menu of tools to achieve the goal. 14. Research the currently available local, sub-regional and regional Housing Market Assessments and advise the client on the strategic implications. Undertake and analyse housing market assessments, in lieu of 'needs'-only based surveys. 15. Provide advice to the client on local, sub-regional and regional Planning Policy and Planning Guidance regarding affordable housing provision. 16. Research and advise the client on innovative approaches to tenure mix and the implications and critical success factors governing their successful application. 17. Include the role of social services in determining special needs requirements, as part of local housing market assessments. 18. Assist and advise the client on local authority statutory requirements, Choive-Based Lettings, and historic approaches to allocations policy (eg allocations agreements with Housing Associations). 19. Assist and advise the client on sub-regional agreements regarding social housing allocations and the emerging role of HomeBuy Agents with regard to key worker Housing and shared equity type housing. 20. Contribute to the client’s awareness of community based lettings policy. 21. Assist the client is assessing future residents’ individual viable levels of affordability. USE AND OCCUPATION – HOUSING AND NEIGHBOURHOOD MANAGEMENT 22. Advise the client on emerging and best practice in housing and neighbourhood management, and in Government aspirations and policies, e.g. resilient communities; shared equity; high density housing for families etc. 23. Advise the client on emerging and best practice in innovation in design-led neighbourhood management issues eg home zones etc 24. Devise strategies and project plans for effective existing community engagement in designing scheme, services and continuing management. Recommendations should include methods for involvement of future residents in speculative schemes. 25. Advise the client regarding landlord’s efficiency agenda, e.g. stock profiles; geographic spread; void and bad debt control; management and maintenance charges. 26. Provide local research and policy advice regarding allocations, local services and facilities. 27. Liaise and coordinate, as necessary, with local authority, voluntary and private sector, and lobby and negotiate for necessary services to meet resident’s needs. 28. Assist and advise the client on critical linkages between good design / specification and cost in use / running costs / reducing service charges. PROPERTY CONSULTANCY SERVICES STRATEGIC ADVICE 1. Provide property consultancy services, including a full spectrum of housing, retail and commercial advice; 2. Ensure property consultancy advice complies with current RICS best practice 3. Review national, regional, sub regional and local markets to identify appropriate strategies for adding value to, the development of, acquisition or disposal of land to the benefit of public sector clients’ projects or programmes. 4. Undertake market research and provide marketing advice on either a generic, locationally specific area, use or site basis. 5. Review any strategies or programmes to ensure that the client’s quality thresholds and financial targets are achieved. 6. Assist the client in preparing evidence and reports necessary for achieving internal approvals for projects, to include approvals from CLG, Treasury etc, including option appraisal, analysis and Economic Appraisals (in accordance with the ‘Green Book’ methodology and emerging social benefit evaluation). DESIGN 7. Assist in the preparation of draft Development Briefs in respect of individual sites / joint venture opportunities. DELIVERY & IMPLEMENTATION 8. Maintain a full working knowledge of public competition, tendering and financial rules in order to advise clients appropriately. SPECIALIST SERVICES Archaeology (to be read in conjunction with Heritage section) PROCESS 1. Provide community and educational services. 2. Provide reports and illustrations for publications/exhibitions. PRE-DESIGN - (RIBA STAGES A & B, Appraisal/Briefing and Strategic Brief ) 3. Provide archaeological advice for sites across England including land, industrial archaeology and marine/coastal archaeology. 4. Advise on Best Practice regarding archaeology. 5. Advise, prepare, organise & submit desktop archaeological assessments and documentary research. 6. Provide evaluation of sites for archaeological potential / evidence including trial trenching, hand excavated test pits etc. 7. Prepare briefs for archaeological investigations 8. Carry out the full range of archaeological surveys and fieldwork, including digging trenches and excavations with full reports and detailed recording of archaeological deposits to preserve archaeological sites by record. Also including: • Field walking including surface artifact collection. • Auger surveys (manual & power) • Controlled topsoil strip • Supply earth moving plant and borehole drilling where required for archaeological investigation. • Post-excavation assessment reports • Earthworks survey (producing hachure or contour plans) • Geophysical surveys where required for archaeological studies. • Sub-surface topographical modelling. • Condition surveys • Aerial photography & mapping • Provide artefact and environment analysis. Prepare full reports on any fieldwork and finds for publication 9. Provide watching briefs STRATEGIC ADVICE - (RIBA STAGE B, Strategic Brief) 10. Prepare strategies to address, protect, relocate, secure & preserve any archaeological finds on the clients development sites or other interests. 11. Provide risk management strategies for sites of archaeological interest. 12. Liaise with English Heritage and other special interest or statutory groups. 13. Liaise with Local authorities on what is required for individual sites regarding archaeological investigation. DESIGN – (RIBA STAGES C, D & E, Outline Proposals, Detailed Proposals and Final Proposals) 14. Support the preparation of master plans by providing archaeological advice, investigative work, and information on how archaeological sites can be integrated into the proposals. 15. Contribute to Environmental Impact Assessments including risk, evidence, survey needs & investigation measures. 16. Provide advice on mitigation of impact on sites of archaeological importance through construction design 17. Provide historic landscape assessments. Ecology (to be read in conjunction with Landscape Architecture) PRE-DESIGN - (RIBA STAGES A & B, Appraisal/Briefing and Strategic Brief ) 1. Advise, prepare organise and submit ecological surveys and assessments and report, including liaison with English Nature and the Environment Agency, Local Authorities and other special interest or statutory groups. STRATEGIC ADVICE - (RIBA STAGE B, Strategic Brief) 2. Prepare strategies to address, protect, relocate, secure and preserve ecology on the client’s development sites or other interests. Heritage PRE-DESIGN - (RIBA STAGES A & B, Appraisal/Briefing and Strategic Brief ) 1. Prepare Conservation Area Appraisals that involve detailed analysis and survey work to establish the character and essence of a conservation area. 2. Produce Building Surveys that contain detailed technical advice on historic building structures, assess the physical condition and determine priority maintenance measures and scope for change. 3. Produce Landscape Surveys that contain detailed technical advice on historic landscapes, parks and gardens, assess the physical condition and determine priority maintenance measures and scope for change. STRATEGIC ADVICE - (RIBA STAGE B, Strategic Brief) 4. Provide specific advise relating to conservation areas, listed buildings, monuments and registered landscapes, including liaison with English Heritage, Local Authorities and other special interest or statutory groups. 5. Prepare Conservation Management Plans that identify the key issues, characteristics and significance of heritage and conservation areas to provide an agreed platform for future decision making. 6. Generate development strategies and frameworks that set the context for bringing forward the creative reuse and conversion of historic buildings. 7. Research and produce Historic Landscape Characterisation studies. DESIGN – (RIBA STAGES C, D & E, Outline Proposals, Detailed Proposals and Final Proposals) 8. Produce architectural plans and drawings for the conversion of listed buildings. 9. Prepare and submit planning applications including pre-application negotiations, secure listed building consent and consult with all stakeholders when appropriate. 10. Produce Landscape Architecture proposals, plans and drawings for the development of new public spaces, parks and gardens on sites with existing listed buildings, registered parks and gardens, Scheduled Ancient Monuments, conservation area status or an important heritage character. 11. Support the preparation of masterplans by providing information on the heritage context and policy framework.


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Awarded on18/08/2010
Awarded value£50,000,000

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AECOM Ltd (see other contracts awarded to this supplier) EC1N 8JS
Atkins Ltd (see other contracts awarded to this supplier) WA3 6AE
EC Harris LLP (see other contracts awarded to this supplier) N1 9AB
Halcrow Group Limited (see other contracts awarded to this supplier) B16 8PE
Ove Arup & Partners International Ltd (see other contracts awarded to this supplier) W1T 4BQ
Parsons Brinckerhoff Ltd (see other contracts awarded to this supplier) GU7 2AZ
Entec UK Ltd (see other contracts awarded to this supplier) CV32 6JX
URS Scott Wilson Ltd (see other contracts awarded to this supplier) SW1P 1PL
Pell Frischmann Consultants Ltd (see other contracts awarded to this supplier) MK9 2AH
Savills (L&P) Ltd (see other contracts awarded to this supplier) BH21 1PB

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