Personal Injury Discount Rate Research

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Created on22/06/2012
Reference number1992-1-Personal Injury Discount Rate Research
Deadline date22/11/2012
Estimated length of contract5 Months
Estimated value£45,000 - £75,000
Location where the contract is to be carried outLondon
Name of the buying organisation Ministry of Justice (MoJ) Procurement - CMT SW&W (see other contracts from this organisation)

Description of the contract

Personal injury discount rate research


1992-1 TRANSPARENCY Appendix B
(1992-1 TRANSPARENCY Appendix B.doc)
1992-1 TRANSPARENCY Appendix C
(1992-1 TRANSPARENCY Appendix C.doc)
1992-1 TRANSPARENCY Evaluation Criteria
(1992-1 TRANSPARENCY Evaluation Criteria.doc)
1992-1 TRANSPARENCY Instructions and Information
(1992-1 TRANSPARENCY Instructions and Information.doc)
1992-1 TRANSPARENCY Procurement Timetable
(1992-1 TRANSPARENCY Procurement Timetable.xls)
1992-1 TRANSPARENCY Proposed Contract Document
(1992-1 TRANSPARENCY Proposed Contract Document.doc)
1992-1 TRANSPARENCY Schedule of Prices and Rates
(1992-1 TRANSPARENCY Schedule of Prices and Rates.xls)
(1992-1 TRANSPARENCY SDM form.doc)
1992-1TRANSPARENCY Appendix F
(1992-1TRANSPARENCY Appendix F.doc)

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Is it a framework agreement?Yes

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