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Created on12/03/2012
Reference numberRM961
Deadline date14/03/2012
This deadline is for...Expressions of interest from companies interested in bidding for this opportunity.
Estimated length of contract3 Months
Estimated value£0 - £10,000
Location where the contract is to be carried outBlackpool
Is this suitable for smaller suppliers?Yes
Name of the buying organisation Government Procurement Service (on behalf of the Cabinet Office) (see other contracts from this organisation)

Description of the contract

Blackpool Council will be outsourcing the current Youth Service Activities. Proposed date for this to take effect is 1 April 2013. Blackpool Youth First (staff mutual) has been created by a number of staff interested in running the future delivery of the service. Blackpool Youth First is very much in the embryonic stages. The Beneficiary has recruited the chief executives of Blackpool Street life and Blackpool Advocacy to sit on the steering group and both organisations are the largest local voluntary sector organisations in Blackpool. In addition they also have representation from the local constabulary, community and young people’s council. As a group the Beneficiary has submitted a proposal to run Blackpool Youth Service earlier this year when the youth service went through a Prior Information Notice activity. The Beneficiary feels it has strength in operational knowledge but lacks strategic and legal knowledge as this is the first time many of the staff will embark outside of a Local Authority. In view of the above, this procurement is to appoint a supplier to deliver the following service requirements and deliverables: Business Planning: - • Service Requirement – Assistance with structuring, cost researching, options and sensitivity analysis and financial forecast preparation to underpin the bid, and provide some support to the process. • Deliverable – coaching to develop a business plan, focusing on establishing a sustainable enterprise, with tools and skills transferred to recipient. Tendering: - • Service Requirement – Assistance with negotiating engagement with the local council, and organising PQQ level accreditations and information. Assistance with the bid strategy, and preparing and costing methods statements and the bid, and preparing and submitting tender documentation. • Deliverable – coaching and tools for how to cost bid, build relationships and go through the public procurement process. Governance: - • Service Requirement – Assistance with negotiating the principles of the constitutional arrangements with stakeholders, and initial advice on legal structures. • Deliverable – options paper for the different arrangements and structures which could meet their needs. This is in addition to the requirement to provide a Knowledge-Sharing deliverable for the benefit of the wider Mutuals Support Programme.

Additional information

Additional NotesCompanies interested in bidding for this opportunity are required to express an interest by sending an e-mail to no later than 5pm on Wednesday 14 March 2012. The e-mail must include the following information in relation to the desired recipient of the Invitation to Tender: • Procurement Reference: RM961 • Procurement Title: Mutuals Support Programme – Blackpool • Company Name: [Insert Company Name] • Contact Name: [Insert Contact Name] • E-mail Address: [Insert E-mail Address] The Invitation to Tender will be issued on Thursday 15 March 2012 and will need to be submitted no later than Monday 19 March 2012. Depending upon the volume of expressions of interest received in relation to this opportunity, Government Procurement Service (on behalf of the Authority) reserves the right to issue the Invitation to Tender to 3 companies only (adopting a fair and reasonable methodology) in order to ensure that the value of the opportunity is proportionate to the number of companies bidding for the requirement).
Is it a framework agreement?No

Who to contact

Contact name Spot Buying Team
Address 9th Floor, The Capital, Old Hall Street, Liverpool, Merseyside, L3 9PP
Telephone 0345 410 2222
Web address

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