Entrenched Worklesness Provision

Created on28/11/2014
Reference numberUI_DWP_101412
Deadline date28/11/2015
Estimated length of contract12 Months
Estimated value£165,000 - £165,000
Location where the contract is to be carried outNorth West
Provision will be delivered in the Blackburn area of the Cumbria and Lancashire Jobcentre Plus District.
Name of the buying organisation Department for Work and Pensions Employment Category Commercial Team (see other contracts from this organisation)

Description of the contract

The Cumbria and Lancashire Jobcentre Plus identified a need for provision that uses innovative methods to inspire entrenched worklessness Claimants to address the barriers and issues preventing them from entering the work arena. The programme will change the "hearts and minds" of Claimants by empowering them to take responsibility for improving their lives. The key objectives for the programme are to: challenge Claimants benefit dependency; increase Claimants self esteem; and inspire Claimants to make lifestyle changes."


Provision Specification
(Specification - Entrenched Worklessness.pdf)
Supplier Proposal (Qualification Envelope)
(Vedas Recruitment & Training - Qualification Envelope - REDACTED.pdf)
Supplier Proposal (Delivery)
(Delivery Proposal - Additional Information - REDACTED.pdf)
Supplier Proposal (Additional Information)
(Delivery Proposal - Additional Information - REDACTED.pdf)
Contract Terms and Conditions
(Terms and Conditions_Redacted.pdf)

Additional information

Additional NotesN/A
Is it a framework agreement?No
Awarded on04/10/2014
Awarded value£165,000

Awarded suppliers

Vedas Recruitment & Training Ltd (see other contracts awarded to this supplier) BB11 1DR

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