Realise Your Potential - A Step to Employment

Created on14/10/2014
Reference numberUI_DWP_101402
Deadline date31/07/2015
Estimated value£233,650 - £233,650
Location where the contract is to be carried outScotland
CPA1 - Glasgow and East Dunbartonshire CPA2 - North Lanarkshire CPA3 - South Lanarkshire
Name of the buying organisation Department for Work and Pensions (see other contracts from this organisation)

Description of the contract

The JCP District of Glasgow, Lanarkshire and East Dunbartonshire (GLED) has listened to feedback given by employers in the area which suggests a significant number of claimants lack basic employability skills and qualifications, as well as an understanding of acceptable workplace behaviours. Additionally, it is recognised that general health and wellbeing issues can impact negatively on claimants motivation in today’s labour market. JCP GLED District, therefore, intends to use FSF monies to fund appropriate provision / training, which will have motivation and wellbeing via leisure activity at it’s core, in order to address these issues. The principle aim of the provision is to ensure claimants are given a clear understanding of the fundamental qualities and behaviours they will be required to demonstrate in the workplace and how general health and wellbeing can influence matters, as well as some of the basic qualifications which will enable them to pursue appropriate opportunities in the labour market. The successful Provider will therefore be required to deliver an intensive but flexible programme of training / support for appropriate pre and post Work Programme (WP) ESA claimants which will have motivation and wellbeing via leisure activity at it’s core. The provision must retain a work focused perspective at all times. Therefore, in addition to the required leisure activity / activities referred to above, the Provider must strive to instil in claimants the necessary work ethic which is so valued by employers and which will ultimately help them to develop and secure appropriate employment. Contract Value - CPA 1- £132,400.00 CPA 2 - £54,450.00 CPA 3 - £46,800.00


CPA 1 - Glasgow and East Dunbartonshire supporting documents
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CPA 2 - North Lanarkshire supporting documents
(CPA2 Redacted
CPA 3 - South Lanarkshire supporting documents
(CPA3 Redacted

Additional information

Additional NotesN/A
Is it a framework agreement?No
Awarded on28/08/2014
Awarded value£233,650

Awarded suppliers

Remploy Limited (see other contracts awarded to this supplier) LE19 1WZ

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