Reception Baseline Assessment in Schools

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Created on03/09/2014
Reference number1211
Deadline date15/12/2014
This deadline is for...12 noon 15th december for return of tenders
Estimated length of contract31 Months
Estimated value£2,000,000 - £4,200,000
Is this suitable for smaller suppliers?Yes
Is this contract suitable for a voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations?Yes
Name of the buying organisation Department for Education (see other contracts from this organisation)

Description of the contract

A concession contract to provide Reception Baseline Assessments to schools from September 2015. The concession contracts will grant successful bidders the right to compete with other concession contract holders to deliver Reception Baseline Assessments to schools. The assessments will measure reception age children within the first half term of entering a school in England and provide the starting point for the progress measure that will be used for school accountability. See 'Supporting Documents' for further information.


Contract description and further information including bidding documents
(1211 Reception Baseline Assessment in Schools.doc)

Additional information

Additional NotesSee 'Supporting Document' for information on bidding and tender documents.
Is it a framework agreement?No

Who to contact

Contact name Colin Watson
Address postcode

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