DFID 40077987 Learning Assessment in Punjab

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Created on25/03/2014
Reference numberPO 40077987
Deadline date25/09/2014
Estimated length of contract6 Months
Estimated value£85,227 - £85,227
Location where the contract is to be carried outEast Kilbride West
Name of the buying organisation Department for International Development (see other contracts from this organisation)

Description of the contract

Develop a proper understanding of pre-designed assessments and deliver training to field examiners in line with the quality protocols of the assessment designing organisation 2. Mobilise and train the team, develop a coordination mechanism including liaison with respective district Education District Officers and District Management Officer and partner public and private schools 3. Refine the training module produced by the assessment specialist for administering these assessments and undertake the training of administrators so that a field force is ready to administer, mark and analyse the assessments. 4. Work with the DFID Punjab team to confirm the sample size for Punjab Education Foundation PEF and public schools such that a statistically representative sample is drawn for the assessment enabling the ranking of every Punjab district on learning outcomes. Currently it is expected that the sample will include approximately150 private schools run by the Punjab Education Foundation (PEF) and 500 public schools across Punjab. The sample will have an average of 20 schools per district, distributed to ensure a statistically valid representation of student performance in public versus private schools in each district and of girls’ versus boys’ performance in each division, and in the province overall 5. Administer Urdu, mathematics and English assessment papers (already prepared) to approximately 24,000 Grade 2 students in ~ 650 public and private schools across all the districts in Punjab (as per the sampling defined in task 1). Each student taking the assessment should be assigned a unique pupil number to enable tracking in subsequent assessments. It is expected that some parts of the assessments will need to be administered orally. Question and pupil answer sheets have been prepared. The contractor will be responsible for all printing, distributing, administering and collecting of response sheets. Distribution, administration, and collection of response sheets should be conducted over a period of not more than two weeks.


PO 40077987 Learning Assessment in Punjab
(PO 40077987 Learning Assessment in Punjab.pdf)

Additional information

Additional NotesN/A
Is it a framework agreement?No
Awarded on15/01/2014
Awarded value£85,227

Awarded suppliers

National Testing Services Pakistan (see other contracts awarded to this supplier) House 96, Street 4, Sector H 8/1, Islambad, 440000

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Email enquirey@dfid.gov.uk

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