DFID 6294 Innovation Prizes for Environment and Development (IP4ED)

Created on28/11/2013
Reference numberPO 6294
Deadline date28/11/2018
Estimated length of contract60 Months
Estimated value£0 - £0.01
Location where the contract is to be carried outEast Kilbride West
Is this suitable for smaller suppliers?Yes
Is this contract suitable for a voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations?Yes
Name of the buying organisation Department for International Development (see other contracts from this organisation)

Description of the contract

Objective The Service Provider will be required to design and implement a new innovative programme, to support research and development (R&D) in climate technologies for developing countries. The programme will launch a variety of innovation prizes designed to stimulate and incentivise research to develop and deploy technologies for low income consumers that will improve poor people’s access to affordable clean energy, safe drinking water and resilience to climate change. The expected impact of the programme is that 12 million people will have improved access to energy and water services through innovative, affordable technologies and business models for ‘bottom of the pyramid’ (BoP) consumers by 2025. It is intended that this programme will lead to the development of a range of affordable and accessible technologies and business models researched and tested that will improve the access of poor people to these technologies. The programme should also ‘crowd-in’ new investment. In practical terms, the programme aims to deliver the following outcomes by the end of 2016/17: 1. At least 7 new, affordable and accessible climate technologies developed for poor people 2. At least 5 affordable and accessible climate technologies deployed to poor people 3. At least £35m of new private investment in technologies and business models 4. At least 50% of entrants applying for prizes are new teams/organisations to DFID’s funding for research in this area


DFID 6294 Innovation Prizes for Environment and Development (IP4ED)
(PO 6294 ITT.zip)

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Is it a framework agreement?No

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Email enquiry@dfid.gov.uk

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