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Created on02/07/2013
Reference numberRM2242 SB-245
Deadline date15/07/2013
This deadline is for...The Request for Information Response Date
Estimated length of contract6 Months
Estimated value£0 - £100,000
Location where the contract is to be carried outUnited Kingdom
Is this suitable for smaller suppliers?Yes
Is this contract suitable for a voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations?Yes
Name of the buying organisation Government Procurement Service (see other contracts from this organisation)

Description of the contract

West Yorkshire Probation Trust mutuals team is seeking support via the Cabinet Office Mutuals Support Programme to develop a staff mutual (the “Potential PSM”) to achieve its vision of presenting a winning submission to deliver quality rehabilitation services into the future. The Potential PSM manages 11,500 offenders at any one time and reoffending rates are currently the lowest since the measure began in 2008. The area includes some of the largest cities in the North of England – Leeds and Bradford and as pioneers in innovation the Potential PSM has developed and implemented a range of innovative ways to reduce reoffending. Post sentence assessment and use of technologies have helped West Yorkshire Probation Trust (the “Parent Body”) become a Trust that consistently delivers on quality and performance. A passion for localism and commitment to developing local partnerships are at the core of service delivery and the team are committed to the continuous improvement of the service models to achieve improved outcomes for service users. Please see attached document for full description. The Customer is seeking support to help the project to become competition ready. This will be unique to the project but is likely to include some or all of: • Business and financial planning • Business development and market analysis; • Tender-writing support; • Developing the legal structure and accompanying governance model; • Development and/or review of legal agreements (such as partnerships, financing); • Workforce engagement; and • Organisational design With reference to the estimated competition kick-off dates set out in the Ministry of Justice’s Prior Information Notice, the Supplier must fulfil all Deliverables (with the exception of tendering support) by the last working day of August unless, where the Ministry of Justice confirms that the proposed competitions will take place and the timetable specifies that competitions will start later than this timeframe, the Supplier will instead fulfil all the Deliverables ahead of the specified competition start date. This is absolutely material to the Contract. Further projects (in addition to those currently in the public domain) have been identified, and support contracts may be procured in due course.


Draft ITT
(Draft ITT - W Yorks.pdf)

Additional information

Additional NotesTo participate in any possible future procurement which results from this RFI, Potential Providers must first be registered on the Government Procurement Service e-Sourcing Suite. If you have not yet registered on the eSourcing Suite, this can be done online at by following the link ‘Register for GPS eSourcing’. Please note that, to register, you must have a valid DUNS number (as provided by Dun and Bradstreet) for the organisation which you are registering, who will be entering into a contract if invited to do so at the Invitation to Tender stage. Full instructions for registration and use of the system can be found at Once you have registered on the eSourcing Suite, you will need to express and interest for the RM2242 SB245 MSP West Yorkshire Probation This is done by emailing Your email must clearly state: • the name of this procurement MSP West Yorkshire Probation and the RM2242 SB245 • the name of the registered supplier; and • the name and contact details for the registered individual sending the email. Government Procurement Service will then process this email and assign your organisation to the opportunity. The registered user will receive a notification email to alert them once this has been done. The Invitation to Tender will be issued by close of play on Monday 1st July 2013 and therefore suppliers can register on the e-Sourcing Suite between the issue date of this Contracts Finder advert and the deadline date. The deadline date for submission of proposals will be Monday 15th July 2013, 12:00PM GMT It is advised however that Potential Providers register as soon as practically possible in order to receive the Invitation to Tender and have a sufficient amount of time to respond. The Customer and the Potential PSM will be hosting a teleconference event on Thursday 4th July 2013 at 16:30 – 17:30 GMT for registered suppliers to find out more about this opportunity. Conference call details will be supplied to registered suppliers no later than 11:00 GMT on Thursday 4th July 2013. In order to manage the conference call successfully please submit questions in advance of this event via the e-sourcing suite by Thursday 04th July 2013 at 12:00 GMT. For technical assistance on use of the eSourcing Suite please contact the Helpdesk: Freephone: 0345 010 3503 Email:
Is it a framework agreement?No

Who to contact

Contact name Spot Buy Team
Address Room 2Y92 Concept House, Cardiff Road, Newport, Gwent, NP10 8QQ
Telephone 01633 811600
Web address

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