UK Dental Practices

Not a data request or a data issue

NHS Choices provides some frequently requested data as national datasets that can be downloaded.  Click on ‘contact’ on the top of the NHS Choices website, choose the FOI tab and see the list of data downloads available on the right hand side.  This includes details of dental practices.  If the data you require is not available in this listing you can contact NHS Choices to see if they can make the data you require available, you can use the Contact form to request it.

Data request description: 
We are looking to obtain a database of all UK dental practices with email addresses, phone numbers and also names of decision makers if possible.
There are financial charges for the data
Suggested use: 
Business Use
Benefits overview: 
We are a company offering a toothbrush subscription service to individuals, couples and families. We are trying to change peoples habits and increase their oral hygiene. This data would help us by allowing us to contact dentists and work with them for promotion of our service and offer them a percentage of the customers order.