Residential sale price data 1991 onwards

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This data request is taken forward as part of the work ODUG is undertaking on Historic Price Paid Information. For further information, please see

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As above
Data seems to be available but only from 1995.
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Personal Use
I am seeking data to check my Council Tax banding which i believe is too high
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Direct and calculable savings


Council Tax bands - valuation data from 1991 onward

From next April large numbers of poorer households will be required to pay Council Tax for the first time, so there is likely to be public interest in any data that helps explain why individual properties fall into particular Council Tax bands.

Price Paid data on residential property sales in England and Wales from 1995 to the present is held by the Land Registry. Recent updates (from February 2012) are available as open data. Older data is currently available for re-use only on commercial terms. (I have submitted a separate request to "unlock" this older data.)

However the whole Price Paid data set is searchable on the Land Registry website and on a number of third-party websites, so the data is certainly "available" for the purposes of anyone who just wants to check the sale prices for individual properties or postcodes.

In England residential properties are assigned to a Council Tax band based on the estimated value of the property in 1991 (if the property existed then). Each band represents a valuation range. Data on the bands for each property is maintained by the Valuation Office Agency (VOA).

It's a bit unclear whether the VOA holds data on the specific 1991 estimate for each property. However VOA is the most likely data holder. Land Registry do not hold this data.

The MoneySavingExpert website has a useful guide to challenging your Council Tax band. The most likely basis for a successful challenge would be to establish that the 1991 valuation was incorrect. Even without the specific estimate made in 1991, it is possible to estimate a reasonable 1991 valuation using the approach recommended in the guide combined with the Land Registry Price Paid data that is available from 1995 onward.

-- Owen Boswarva, 25/10/2012

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Update from ODUG

Hi John,

Many Thanks for your request. ODUG have taken a case to the Data Strategy Board to ask for the historical house price data to be made freely available (from 1995, as unfortunately you know the land registry dataset doesn't go back quite as far as 1991). Please see our case using the link below

We will also investigate whether older data is held anywhere,


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Council data

Hi, it appears that local councils hold databases that include sales records from at least 1990 onwards. In order to independently verify that the council are assessing your council tax liability fairly, we as the public should also have access to the same data as the council. This provides councils with an unfair advantage. Can you please provide an update whether the 1991 house prices data is available now? If not, how soon can this be made available?

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