Public Toilet Locations

Data request description: 
Latitude/Longitude (or Eastings/Northings) for the location of public toilets in Great Britain.
There are financial charges for the data
Ordnance Survey do not provide this dataset as open data, because they sell it within 2 other products: The Point X Points of Interest Database (which is sold as a joint venture between OS and Landmark Information Group), and OS Mastermap Address Layer 2 within the 'Objects without Postal Address' dataset. This data is just one element of a public toilet dataset for the UK, which would also include opening hours, access requirements, facilities provided, costs, and community toilet schemes and publicly accessible toilets from other providers (Network Rail, Shopping Centres). However the restrictions around the public toilet location data is a significant barrier to the creation of the UK dataset. Local Councils have serious difficulties in creating open data for their public toilets due to derived data restrictions.
Suggested use: 
Business Use
I began investigating public toilet open data through a research project. shows some of the data already available. However there are far more people who would make use of this data, other than just me.
Benefits overview: 
"public good", to quote Ordnance Survey - Better information about public toilet locations, opening hours and accessibility is useful for all UK citizens, particularly those with a greater need for toilet facilities when away from home. This includes those with reduced continence, those who are taking rehydration or blood pressure medication which increases the need to urinate, pregnant women, parents of young children, older people, or anyone, of any age, who's had a lot to drink. This data can be used: in toilet finding apps; in apps that allow user feedback and ratings; in apps for certain groups such as wheelchair users and their friends and family; in other apps such as transport apps, city guides, journey planners; in printed maps and information sheets; by researchers/policymakers to study the difference in public toilet provision by area/time of day; by councils to compare service provision. There is evidence from Australia of the usefulness of this data. The public toilet dataset from is consistently in their Top 3 most downloaded datasets. "around 14 million people in the UK today with some form of bladder problem" Bladder and Bowel Foundation - "Public toilets are a lifeline for many older people, providing them with the freedom, independence and the confidence they need to lead fulfilling and active lives." - AgeUK "[The criteria of] 'public good'.. ..would clearly be the case here" - Ordnance Survey -



It's hard to imagine any justification for not relaeasing such data - the need to use toilets is one we all share; and lack of information on access to toilets is particllay an issue for older people and people with disabilities.

I and my fellow volunteers will add such data to OpenStreetMap once it's made avaialble.

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