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ODUG developing business case

This data request is taken forward as part of the work ODUG is undertaking on Historic Price Paid Information. For further information, please see

This data is scheduled for rlease on 28 June 2013

Data request description: 
This data set contains information on residential property sales in England and Wales from 1995 to the present. The data includes property address, price paid, date of transfer, property type, whether the property is new build, and whether the property is freehold or leasehold.
Updates to this data set (covering transactions from February 2012 onward) have been released as open data under the Open Government Licence. This data request relates to the remainder of the data set, some 17 million records that are currently available for re-use only under commercial licensing terms.
Suggested use: 
Business Use
Personal Use
Community Work
There are well-established uses for this data in the land and property sector. The public has access to extracts from the data via the websites of several UK real estate websites and recently via a search interface provided by Land Registry itself. However open data release would enable wider re-use of the bulk data by SMEs, non-profits and the general public, and integration of the data into free or low-cost apps. Historic price paid information is also an important reference data set for geographic analysis of changes in housing market conditions over time.
Benefits overview: 
1. The current start-up cost to license the whole Price Paid data set for commercial re-use is more than £50,000. Open data release of the Price Paid data set would produce measurable economic benefits by reducing the input costs for existing licensees in the property and conveyancing sectors and, more importantly, by removing a cost barrier to entry for innovative small and medium sized businesses that cannot currently afford to access the data in bulk. 2. Open data release of price paid data was promised in last year's Autumn Statement. That plan was subsequently 'descoped', and only the recent updates were released as open data. However the ODUG will be aware of the original Cabinet Office business case, which noted the low number of existing commercial licensees and demonstrated that the whole data set could be released as open data without a significant impact on Land Registry's finances.


I support this request

I believe that this request is asking for the data prior to February 2012. In which case I fully support the request.

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OPSI report provides support for release of price paid data

Yesterday the Office of Public Sector Information released their 2012 report on Land Registry's compliance with the PSI Regulations.

The OPSI reviewers say they "look forward to the possibility of more data being made available as free for end use, an example being historic price paid data."

The report also notes that "more time series data would of course be of great benefit to re-users" and formally recommends that Land Registry "evaluate the potential of releasing historic price paid information following impact assessment of current releases."

-- Owen Boswarva, 15/10/2012

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Fully support this request

Fully support this request and would extend it to make sure the data covers Scotland and NI.

One possible side affect would be to release something that comes pretty close to PAF as the price paid data contains full address details, not exactly but you could certainly get close and could definitely build an Open Data based postcode to street name lookup which is something we have needed for a while now.

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Price Paid Data for Scotland and Northern Ireland

For Scotland the equivalent data set is the Sales for Consideration data maintained by Registers of Scotland (RoS). ROS holds this data back to January 2001. The data is compatible with the Land Registry data for England and Wales, so it would certainly be useful to have this data set released as open data also. However I expect this would be a separate negotiation. 

The situation in Northern Ireland is more complicated. There is no public body that routinely collects data on prices paid for residential properties in NI. The Commissioner of Valuation for Northern Ireland is entitled under statute to access the Land Transaction returns used by solicitors to notify HMRC of the details of taxable transactions. However that's really just for analytic purposes such as the production of house price indices. There does not seem to have been any "productisation" of price paid data for NI, so it's difficult to argue for open data release of any readily identifiable data set. (Generally speaking Northern Ireland is very much behind on open data; even postcode centroids are not open.)

-- Owen Boswarva, 28/10/2012

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Land Registry to release Price Paid Data in November

Good news: Land Registry have announced the full Price Paid Data will be released under the Open Government Licence by November 2013.

I've written a blog post about the implications of this release.

Many thanks to the Open Data User Group for taking this forward.

-- Owen Boswarva, 01/05/2013

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Request for this as part of the Data API


I see this is released for download as a .csv direct with the land registry but are there any plans to make this queriable through an API directly?


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