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Street Name State Name City Name Area / Postal Code
There are financial charges for the data
I am having a website and App developed by a developer in India, the App will sit on the android and IOS platforms. • All users will have to register, the users will range from: • landlords may be 1 postcode search • Letting Agent up to 10 searches per month • Property solution company 10 - 20 searches per month The app provides a landlord inventory on a property, the idea is the person completing the inventory would search by postcode as a quick and accurate means of bringing up the address. The other method it will be used is if a Letting agent wants an initial inventory doing on a property, they would request a job to be completed by either an internal employee or subcontracted to an inventory property provider or enter a property for the first time, speed up the process and ensure it is correct. As part of my requirements, I requested postcode lookup, the developer developed the website and then requested the Postcode data from me, you can imagine my shock at discovering it was going to cost £4000, I expected to pay a small subscription, to be honest I presumed web developers had access to this information, so was surprised when it was requested. The project has now been put on hold, I cannot afford £40000, I didn’t budget for it, or expect it, I am now faced with having to pay the developer to remove it from the website or adapt the website to use the pay per click method, which will also cost, but is a cheaper method. I then started looking at pay per click, then discovered I would have to create an account for every company that use it, they would have to pay the minimum upfront cost to buy postcodes look ups! It is something I am providing to the user, not something they are requesting. It is unmanageable for each letting agent/property solution company to all set up pay per click accounts. A landlord will may only use it once. The ideal solution would be 1 single account, I can update user companies if required, if I cannot do this, then I will be unable to use the postcode database. Potentially this could generate a reasonable return for Royal Mail with over 3000 letting agents and 2000 inventory companies. As far as I could see is you only need 1 account to run this, I am a start-up company even if this was done as a trial, I don't have the funds or didn't anticipate this as a cost when I produced my set of requirements for the developer, how can this be, what chance do small start-up businesses have. I have contacted Royal Mail and spoke to quite a few people, the last, Carlton Hall suggested I contact you as I believe you head up an independent committee for PAF. Background The website has been set up to meet all requirements, i.e. Landlords, Inventory clerks and letting agents, property solutions company offering more than 1 service (Cleaning, EPC's), Associates linked to property solutions company. The website provides complete job management, from initiating a request, completing the inventory, invoicing and scheduling Please let me know if you require any more information. Thank you for your time
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Business Use
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Easy to provide accurate address information for Inventory clerks to carry out inspections


PAF File Developers License

Hi Phil,

Have you tried the developers license for PAF? This is available from here: and will allow you to get up and running before you have to pay any fees.

Also, it's worth being aware that the £4,000 quoted is for an unlimited number of clicks for 12 months. You can actually get PAF data for a few pence per click from a number of resellers and integrated into various web service tools from solutions providers.

However, the case for an open, freely available address file has been made by the Open Data User Group and still requires support from the likes of your business.

Check out the latest here:

Hope this helps.

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