Non-domestic EPCs (Non-domestic EPC Register)

ODUG developing business case
Data request description: 
Energy Performance Certificates rate the hypothetical energy performance of non-domestic buildings on a scale of A-G. They are a result of European Union Directive 2002/91/EC relating to the energy performance of buildings, as transposed into British law by the Housing Act 2004 and The Energy Performance of Buildings (Certificates and Inspections) (England and Wales) Regulations 2007.
There are perceived confidentiality issues surrounding EPCs, but we believe that these issues should be treated separately for residential and non-domestic EPCs. EPCs are required at marketing of a property, so actually it can be argued that all EPCs are a part of the public domain. EPCs can be downloaded one at a time from the but this is overly onerous. Landmark have stated that they would like to open up this data base, but due to contractual obligations with the Department of Communities and Local Government (CLG), are unable currently to allow the EPCs to be downloaded in bulk freely.
Suggested use: 
Business Use
Honest Buildings would like to hold at minimum high level EPC information on our website which would need to include at minimum area measurements for the space, A-G EPC rating and the address. Ideally we would like copies of the EPCs, the recommendation reports and all the other specific information. This information would allow our owners, occupiers and service providers to navigate through EPC information more efficiently than anywhere else online so that improvements in EPCs could be made through building works that can also be more efficiently arranged through Honest Buildings.
Benefits overview: 
By utilising the platform there can be public and private sector engagement around the Green Deal as well as the stipulations of the Energy Act of 2011 which will make it illegal to let properties that do not meet EPC minimum energy performance standards by 2018. We need this data as well as other property related data sets to populate building networks to streamline transactions through those networks. The more data we can get, the more companies we can engage and the more we can drive our business providing solutions to those companies.


I support this request

I also have submitted a request for open data release of the bulk EPC data (both domestic and non-domestic), with some additional information:

     Environmental Performance Certificates

It's important to emphasise that the data owner is the Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG). Landmark only operate and maintain the database and websites under contract. It's therefore a question of persuading DCLG to release the data more widely.

-- Owen Boswarva, 22/11/2012

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Parliament IA

I have found a Parliament Imapct Assessment that supports wider access to the data (IA CLG0106 from 09/12/2010) ... although I still can't seem to find it.  Has access now been granted? I'm only looking for aggregated, anonymised data for analytical purposes.

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Policy changes on EPC access

DCLG ran a consultation in 2010, which included that impact assessment. As a result of the consultation DCLG put in place the current process under which specific categories of "authorised recipient" can apply for extracts of bulk data from the EPC database. That process is explained on the DCLG website:

     Changes to the energy performance of buildings framework

However the general public still cannot access the data, and there are charges even for those who are approved to access the data.

-- Owen Boswarva, 15/12/2012

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I also support this request

I work in an Energy & Sustainsbility consultancy providing energy efficiency and implementation services to large investor clients, with portfolio that can reach over 1,000+ properties in size. The use of EPCs is essential in determining the most cost effective and efficient way of engaging with the complexity inherent in portfolios that can contain over 5,000 units that potentially require EPCs.

As such, easy access to EPC data would allow for large-scale investors to have a much greater effect on the properties they own and manage. While EPCs are available now, the current system of attempting to track down EPCs, either from property managers or the online register, is extremely inefficient, proving both time and resource intensive and significantly increasing the costs of improving energy efficiency levels across clients' portfolios.

In terms of availbility of information required, the EPC reference, rating and score would be the most useful, along with the date the EPC was carried out and the address and post code it relates to. While this basic level of information would provide enough for analysis, access to the actual EPC and Improvement Report would help improve properties.

Kind regards,


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I support this request

I run a technolocgy startup for the field service industry, this data would be increadably useful to this sector of the market.

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This information should be readily accessible by the public. As energy advisors we can give extremely valuable, targeted information to clients on the basis of their EPC data. It is unclear to me why this is not available.

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Non Domestic EPC

I support this request as it will help drive energy improvements in UK buildings creating economic benefits for building owners through reduced running costs and for the wider economy by stimulating investment in energy efficiency measures.

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