NLPG access

ODUG developing business case

This data request has been included in the work ODUG is undertaking on a National Address Dataset. For further information, please see

Data request description: 
I have a number of LLPG extracts from my council customers and have open source tools for using that data, but by opening the database up, Openstreetmap can start to fill in the graphical detail that is currently only sparingly available.
There are financial charges for the data
While I can play privately with the extracts I do have access to, I can't publish it to OSM.
Suggested use: 
Community Work
In order to enhance the building data layer in the Openstreetmap project ( and prove to the French we can do things better than them :) )
Benefits overview: 
Using the NLPG and the Street Gazetteer would allow OSM contributors to cross check data in the database, and in return provide accurate electronic map data for all of the properties in the database. While we have access to the streetview building data it's accuracy makes it's use questionable and we create more accurate mapping by tracing satellite imagery, but without identification of each one unless we physically go and check each one.