Hourly observation historic data

ODUG developing business case

This data request is taken forward as part of the work ODUG is undertaking on Historic Weather Observations. For further information, please see http://data.gov.uk/open-data-user-group-benefits-cases-for-release-of-data

Data request description: 
Hourly weather data including temperature, cloud cover, humidity, etc from reliable data sources, eg Airport weather stations, dating back
The data is only available for the previous 24 hours so I am unable to get historical data to use in analysis
Suggested use: 
Business Use
Our aim at C3 Resources is to reduce carbon emissions by monitoring a building's general consumption and highlighting wastage. With the help of accurate local weather readings we can improve our monitoring algorithms and prevent more wastage.
Benefits overview: 
Having access to the historical data will mean we have the ability to spot trends caused by external factors



I previously worked for an energy company that bought and used weather data for the purpose of demand forecasting (the better we could forecast demand the less costs we had to pass on to our customers), and when trying to improve our process by adding new weather varaibles we discovered a large gap in the data we held. A historic dataset would have helped us out.

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