County Durham PRoW

ODUG developing business case

This data request has been included in the work ODUG is undertaking on third party licences and Rights of Way. For further information, please see

Data request description: 
This information shows the location, path number, parish, etc.
The data is published but not in a format I can download and use (e.g. only displayed onscreen or only downloadable as a PDF rather than CVS)
Durham County Council have drawn all of the PRoW digitally and made it available as a GIS layer on their website, but it is incredibly slow and very hard to use.
Suggested use: 
Personal Use
Use the data to create walks within County Durham and display the information in online maps. The routes and the information would be free.
Benefits overview: 
It would promote walking in the County, which would promote tourism and help people to get out walking in areas they didn't know about.