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Dataset: Data Requests at

Add row Dataset Resulting name

Hi, i really need this dataset for a proyect and if you add the row dataset resulting name ( if the data resquest is published and realize a dataset), I hope you understand me Thanks!

We've added a v2 which

We've added a v2 which contains the dataset field you asked about.


Dataset: Government Grants Register

Feedback on the value of this dataset

Economic Growth
Able to provide a service to students

This comment was generated from feedback about the potential value of this dataset

Publish next release to the 360 giving open standard?

HI - there is a good open data standard now for UK grants data

Would be great if the government could use this for the next release.  That would allow a far more comprehensive analysis of disbursement of grants across the VCS.  

The 360giving standard already features in the LGA transparency guidance  -allowing analysis of support for the VCS through contracts and grants from LAs in a simple way.

Dataset: Government CloudStore catalogue

User request to update with latest Digital Marketplace data

User request at 0804 on 12 August 2014 from Mark Craddock:

@DataGovUK do you think you can get this data set updated with the latest data from the Digital Marketplace? #gcloud

Made contact with the Digital Marketplace team in the Government Digital Service who are looking into it

Dataset: Central Government Property and Land including Welsh Ministers estate.

epims data

There seems to be a problem with opening these files - both for the CSVs and the Zoho versions. Any chance they could be reviewed? I remember the same problem when OEP benchmarking data was published.

epims data

Hi There 

I have tested all the links above and as of the 16/01/12 they all seem to be working fine. 

Do you want to try downloading again. 

Kind regards Team 

They're working fine at the

They're working fine at the moment - 10.22

Download of CSV files

Checked all files and they seem to be downloading correctly


Are we sure that these building are actually OWNED by the govt? I work in one of them, and understood it to be leased from a company who commissioned it for their own use & then went in to administration.

And the one I worked at previously had been (allegely) sold to a building management company and "we" were leasing it back?


The full data extract covers buildings occupied by government. This includes those that are freehold but also leasehold and Pfi.

when you say the list

when you say the list includes "leasehold", do you mean the government is the owner (only pays Ground rent) or do you mean the government is just the tenant (doesn't pay Ground rent, but pay office rent) ? Is the word consistently used?

I'm asking because several buildings in the list reportedly have been sold to private developers, e.g. 9 Millbank/ Clive House.

What is the unit of

What is the unit of measurement for the vacant space, and building floor area columns of these databases?

Unit of measurement

It's m2 and generally net internal area.

surplus public sector land

What is the unit of measurement for surplus Public sector land?

The mesuremnt is in Hectares

The mesuremnt is in Hectares (ha)

Data update?

When will the latest, updated, asset data be available? We were anticipating a fresh set of files to be available at the end of July 2012?

Updated 17th August

Updated 17th August


Hi - is it possble to advise where the link is to the latest update of 17 August 2012? Many thanks


Is postcode data available for these buildings to enable overlaying onto an Ordnance Survey map?

Just spotted

Postcodes included in "property" files (had only looked under "buildings" previously)

Building Energy Consumption

Please explain why the building energy consumption in kWH is the same each quarter for the quarterly Building Data CSV.

Building energy consumption response

We currently capture energy data through our annual benchmarking programme which is based on data at the end of the previous year. This is therefore replicated during each quartery release.

Duplicate lines and no key

Several of these datasets include duplicate lines and no primary key. That makes it rather unhelpful when it comes to cross-referencing and storing in an RDBMS.

Duplicate lines and no key

We'll take a look and try and incorporate into the next release of data.

Surplus land for housing development

Are you aware of any way to cross-reference the surplus land data to discover land that would be suitable for housing development? Also, the most recent data appears to be from 2012. When is more up-to-date data going to be published?

Holding type

With regards to "Holding type" does "land only" mean only that the land is owned and not any of the buildings on it, as opposed to it only being land with no buildings? Some of the descriptions for land only entries appear to include buildings.

ePIMS Archive

Does anyone know if it's possible to find Building Data for 2008?


~~Please can you clarify what

~~Please can you clarify what data you'd like?

Also, where would you like it sending to?

Many thanks

Nick Andrews

e-PIMS Service Delivery Manager

Building data 2008

Please can you clarify what data you'd like?

Also, where would you like it sending to?

Many thanks

Nick Andrews

e-PIMS Service Delivery Manager

Feedback on the value of this dataset

Social Growth

Effective Public Services

This comment was generated from feedback about the potential value of this dataset

Dataset: Listing of publishable central government tender documentation for tenders over £10,000

Feedback on the value of this dataset

Effective Public Services
It will help my department answer FOI requests from news agencies.

Potential links to other datasets

This comment was generated from feedback about the potential value of this dataset

Dataset: National Information Infrastructure

National Information Infrastructure

My comments on this iteration of the NII list, from December 2013:

Evaluating the UK National Information Infrastructure

-- Owen Boswarva, 19/12/2014

Dataset: Your Freedom

executive salaries

the footse100 top executive gave themselves a 55% remuneration rise this past year of financial troubles. The top salary is 92.6 MILLION an year. We shareholders MUST have a say in what these extreme fat cats get. These salaries impinge on the cost of all products.

As a schoolteacher I do not think that these men are worth more than 3000 schoolteacher each!!!!!!!

Do you?


With you ALL the way !!

cannabis law

why is cannabis illegal if hemp can be used instead of trees and medicine for people who suffer

Feedback on the value of this dataset

Other Benefits
Great benefit to future public consultations on democracy and legislation. Shame the comments are not included.

This comment was generated from feedback about the potential value of this dataset

Dataset: Govt construction strategy performance data

Feedback on the value of this dataset

Economic Growth
It would be very useful to have access to this data set in order to evaluate whether the construction strategy has had a measurable economic effect on public sector projects. At present there is no data available to allow an objective assessment of its potential for analysis.

Social Growth
As above, I work for a public sector organisation who procures construction projects, national data about the impact of spending on social action would be useful as a basis for comparison.

Effective Public Services
It would be useful to allow comparisons to be drawn and help promote "best practice" in public sector procurement.

This comment was generated from feedback about the potential value of this dataset

Dataset: Spend analytics data

Feedback on the value of this dataset

Economic Growth
We publish spend data on matching it to contract and tender data. Publishing this data would greatly improve our product and create real oversight of departmental spend for the public. This data will also improve access to government business by SMEs either directly or through the supply chain.

Social Growth
Releasing this data set would increase the scrutiny of suppliers used by Government, allowing us to monitor Govt suppliers commitment to the environment for example.

Effective Public Services
Publishing this data set will allow suppliers to government to understand the market much better and to better meet the needs of government.

Potential links to other datasets
Data could be linked to contracts finder and other procurement / purchasing data.

Other Benefits
Publishing this data would greatly improve the publishing of spend statements by departments. Currently this data is inconsistent, poorly structured and irregularly published. Using a central dataset would reduce cost / effort for departments and increase transparency significantly.

This comment was generated from feedback about the potential value of this dataset

Dataset: Performance data on Government ICT projects (31 July 2010)

When will you produce data

When will you produce data for this year?

Broken links

The above download links are broken. Following are links to copies of the files archived in December 2011:




-- Owen Boswarva, 10/07/2013

Dataset: Senior Officials "high earners" salaries

Doesn't work.

None of the the dowmload options actually givce you the data.  They just send you to the Cabinet Office web site.

Tediously unsurprising.  Gov is meant to be leading the way on the 'transparency agenda'.  Clearly not with this site, linked to from a SOCITM briefing.

Does not Work

Agree with the former comment - would be useful if the data was actually downloadable

New link

This information is now located in the Cabinet Office section of the website at the following link:

     Senior officials "high earners" salaries

-- Owen Boswarva, 04/04/2013

Dataset: Cabinet Office GPC Expenditure

Glossary Entry

GPC: Government Procurment Card (Like a company credit card)

Dataset: Organogram and staff pay data for the Cabinet Office

Organisation Charts for the Cabinet Office

The ERG charts are no longer correct (July 2011).

Cabinet Office organogram - ERG

The organogram is based on a snapshot of the Cabinet Office at 30 March 2011 and changes will be reflected in the next version released in the autumn.

Cabinet Office Organogram

Autumn, which year?

These do not work and are not

These do not work and are not downloadable. The format does not work. Can they be made available in a more accessible format please?

Dataset: Operational Efficiency Programme Benchmarking Report for April 2009 to May 2010

Operational Efficiency Programme Benchmarking Report for Apr

What a shame the download links do not work.

Rather undermines the whole point of such a site.

Is there a value for money exercise on the creation and releasing of so much data that it is almost impossible to find anything interesting.

links repaired


Just to confirm that the broken links have now been rectified.  Thanks again for flagging this.

Many thanks,


Operational Efficiency Programme Benchmarking Report for Apr


Thanks for flagging up this issue with the data set links, we have raised this with the data publisher and will update this thread when this has been resolved.

Many thanks,


Any news?

Any news on this topic?


The layout is what really caught my eye, then the i looked at the writing and i think you did a very nice job. Good work

Dataset: Special Advisers working in the UK Government

special advisers data

The link to the data on this page just takes you to the cabinet office website

viewing in 'Zoho' just shows a load of garbage

May I suggest someone actually checks if things work before publishing?

More to the point, Zoho gets

More to the point, Zoho gets redirected to the Cabinet Office brochurepage and tries to eat the blob of html it gets back. #fail

Dataset: Civil Service People Survey 2010

All these links are broken!

All these links are broken!

All these links are broken


Thanks for highlighting the issue with the broken links, I'll get in touch with the data publisher to let them know.

Kind regards

Chetan Team

Broken Links

The links are still broken... please fix

Still broken

I wonder how long it will take Cabinet Office to fix this!?

Links corrected

Techncal changes to the platform used to host the Civil Service website caused these links to be broken. The links have now been updated to reference the correct files, sorry for any inconvience this has caused.

Dataset: Spend over £25,000 in the Cabinet Office

Duplicated files

The file shown as being for June 2011 is identical to that for May 2011.  Would you please upload the correct file for June transactions. 

Dataset: Ministerial gifts, hospitality, travel and meetings with external organisations in Cabinet Office

Prime Minister hospitality

The PM appears not to have received any hospitality whatsoever

Yes he has

See Q1 2010/11, Q2 2010/11, and Q3 2010/11 - I count 5 meetings there in total.

BBC Journalist

So where are the meeting with Nick Robinson, David grossman, Laura Kunberg etc You've missed them out we're not stupid!


Can't see Murdoch et al on the list - Really!!

ok, so your meetings list was first to appear...

...but nonetheless it is the last download and only runs up to 15th July - probably written in as much haste as is decent to admit. Slam it is at Ed as much as you like - we are not silly!

Dataset: Cabinet Office 70 Whitehall energy use

Errors in the dataset?

I think there are two datapoints in this dataset that are wrong as they are much, much higher than any other of the readings

  1. According to the spreadsheet, on the 05/08/10, 40243 kWh was used between 23.30 and 00.00 (column E)
  2. and again between 23.30 and 00.00 (column E) , 22951 kWh was used on the 08/08/10

These can't be right, as they hundreds of times greater than the reading for same period in time on the other days.

Please can you look into this asap as this will heavily affect any analysis on this data.

Errors in the dataset? - corrected

New versions of spreadsheet are noew posted and look more sensible at first glance


It's not just the Cabinet Office

A lot of the data has problems.

DCMS - rounds every number up to the nearest multiple of 5.
DECC - has a bunch of entries with 0 recorded energy usage, and then large amounts immediately afterwards.
DEFRA - one individual entry has 2245413 kWh of energy used in a half hour.
DfT - rounds to nearest fives.
HMRC - one entry has 8915800, others have radically small amounts followed by radically big amounts.

I've put in a call to the Cabinet Office press office, will report back on what they say.

DfT electricity data rounding to nearest 5 kWh is NOT a prob

There are 4 x main electricity meters at Great Minster House. Real-time data is captured by logging pulses from each meter. In each case 1 pulse = 5 kWh (as set by the meter operator). 'Total Imported Electricity' is the sum of these 4 meters.

Possible reason

I read somewhere (the DECC site I think) that they have spikes as the boilers are fired up for very short periods at particular points during the day rather than having them running all day.

Errors in the data - noticed 05June11


I have a number of queries regarding the data for Cabinet Office:

1. Why is there missing data on amount of heat (from the central heating district system) used for the most (8-28) of February 2011?

2. Erroneous estimate of use of heat in between 8-28 February 2011.

The spreadsheet states that the total use of heat during missing period (8-28 February 2011) was 92.2kWh (line 104 of the spreadsheet). However, this is equivalent to amount used in 30 MINUTES in the days immediately before and after. Therefore the estimate of 92.2kWh cannot be right and I reckon it is at least a factor of a couple of hundreds lower than the true figure.

3. Erroneous readings for electricity use on 16 May 2011

According to the spreadsheet the amount of electricity used on 16 May 2011 on 12am , 1pm and 1.30pm was 5,135 kWh, 5,067.5 kWh and 1,173,985 kWh respectively. These are clearly wrong as they are far too high- for example the reading for 2pm was 171kWh. Please can you correct these numbers as soon as possible.

I have raised problems like these in the past and was assured that systems were in place to stop these things appearing in the published data. I widely applaude the Government attempts to release more data in the public domain, but releasing junk doesn't help anyone.

I am happy to discuss further Jamal

Errors in the data - noticed 05June11

Hi Jamal

Thanks for your comments we are currently referring your questions back to the data publishers and will update you once we have a response. 

Kind regards

Chetan – Team

Dataset: Central government workforce initial release

Department names

Why has there been no effort to standardise the department names used throughout the dataset? Eg there are 4 different versions of the Department for Work and Pensions. There's a missed opportunity to use metadata and standard descriptions properly to make the data as instantly usable as possible

Cheers, Helen Lippell