Central government HQ buildings - real time energy consumption since August 2010

This month’s blog looks at how energy consumption has changed for the 18 headquarter buildings in the six months since August 2010 and considers how energy consumption relates to external air temperatures. 

This first chart shows the total energy consumption for the 18 headquarter buildings for each of the last 6 months.   As we would perhaps expect, in colder months, the energy demand is higher, reflecting the increases in energy consumption as heating is required. 

Chart 1: Average daily energy consumption for the 18 HQ Buildings

Central government HQ buildings achieve energy savings of 30% over Christmas

Government departments were able to achieve significant energy savings in their HQ buildings over the festive period with MoD and DCMS managing to achieve savings of over 40%. Overall, the HQ buildings managed to reduce their combined energy consumption by 30%.

Before Christmas, government departments were asked to use the minimum amount of energy possible from Christmas Day to New Year’s Eve. Specifically, departments were asked to make sure they were:

Government reduces its carbon emissions by 13.8% in 12 months

The Prime Minister announced on 14 May 2010 that this would be the ‘greenest government ever’ and that, as part of this, central government would reduce its carbon emissions by 10% within 12 months. The government has achieved this target, saving a total of 13.8%. Never before has central government achieved this level of reduction in such a short space of time.