Proposed changes to the UK Location Metadata Editor

The UK INSPIRE Project is planning to make changes to the UK Location Metadata Editor and would like your views.

Since 2010, the UK Location Programme and subsequently the Defra led UK INSPIRE Project has provided an online metadata editor to help location data publishers create, edit and validate INSPIRE compliant GEMINI 2 metadata records.

The metadata editor is built on the open source GeoNetwork platform and to enable users to integrate the metadata editor into local systems we (The UK INSPIRE Project) supply downloadable configuration files to customise GeoNetwork.

Following a review of the tools that we provide to support publishers and users of INSPIRE and location information in the UK, it is proposed that the current online metadata editor and its downloadable variant are replaced by a functionally equivalent online only editor.

This new editor will make it quicker and easier for users to create and validate metadata by providing a more intuitive user interface.  The tool will incorporate validation and data quality checks which the current tool lacks.

Users of the tool will continue to be able to create metadata online and to export their records for local data management and publication but the new tool will provide additional functionality enabling users to manage and publish their records for harvesting without the need to host and manage records locally.

The new editor will be easier and cheaper for us to maintain, making it a more sustainable solution and offering us better value.

There will be no downloadable version of this new tool.  The existing downloadable tool (I.E. the configuration files to customise GeoNetwork) will remain available but support and active development of these will cease.

We would like comments on the above proposal from existing users of the metadata editor.  Please contact us via the UK INSPIRE Helpdesk by 7th October 2013.

It is anticipated that the new tool will be phased in during Q3 of FY13/14.



New Tool.

If we have posted datasets with existing "old tool", what would happen to those in respect of a new tool being made available after the December 3rd deadline?

Matt Sully
Exmoor National Park Authority

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Whats the latest on this?

Can you give us an update on the progress of this post and likely time scales of when we would see a new metadata editor?

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