New UK Location Metadata Editor Coming Soon!

In spring we will be launching a new online UK Location Metadata Editor making it easier for location data publishers to create, edit and validate INSPIRE compliant GEMINI 2 metadata records.

The new editor is being delivered by EDINA and will be based on their existing GeoDoc product.

This new editor will make it quicker and easier for users to create and validate metadata by providing a more intuitive user interface. The tool will also incorporate validation and data quality checks which the current tool lacks.

Users of the new tool will continue to be able to create metadata online and to export their records for local data management and publication; the new tool will also provide optional additional new functionality enabling users to manage and publish their records for harvesting without the need to host and manage records locally.

The new editor will be easier and cheaper for us to maintain, making it a more sustainable solution and offering us better value.  However, there will be no downloadable version of this new tool, the existing downloadable tool (I.E. the configuration files to customize GeoNetwork 2.8) will remain available but support and active development of these will cease, so that any new changes required to the GEMINI Standard or Schematron validation will not be reflected in any updates to the existing download bundle. We consulted on these changes in September 2013 and discussed the impact of removing the downloadable tool with users who got in-touch.

Development of the new editor has started. A version will be available for testing by mid-March. If you’d like to help with the testing please get in-touch via the UK INSPIRE Helpdesk. We will release the new editor in late spring.

Please contact us via the UK inspire helpdesk at with any queries.


Great news Andrew. This

Great news Andrew. This should really help us all get on board with our INSPIRE obligations.

Happy to help UAT

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GeoNetwork version


the document with the downloadable version states that it builds on GeoNetwork 2.6.4, not the more recent GeoNetwork 2.8. That reflects my memory - GeoNetwork 2.8 apparently adopts a completely different approach to configuring its user interface, so would require an almost complete re-work - so we never did that.


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Yes you are right Peter!

Yes you are right Peter my post above should refer to GeoNetwork 2.6.4 not 2.8 apologies!

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New UK Location Metadata Tool

Any news on when this will be available?

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Where oh where is this metadata editor?

Spring has come and gone, and there is no sight, news, or anything about this new tool.  Is it virtual vapourware?  Some information on this would be greatly appreciated.

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Update on new Meta Data Editor release from

The team has been busy getting the new metadata editor ready,and the tool is currently being tested by a wide group of users from organisations across central and local government, some final small glitches are being  fixed and initial results show testers really like the new product, so watch this space! 

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Any news on when this will be

Any news on when this will be available?

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