Migrating data.gov.uk blogs

The government’s Open Data drive has always supported engagement with users of government data in a variety of ways, including blogs. Some of these data-focused blogs have been hosted on data.gov.uk. And they highlighted success stories, allowed the discussion of issues and have been a way to let users know about the challenges faced by the data agenda in government.

These conversations are important to any government efforts around making data easier to find, store and use and more generally, attempts to reduce friction experienced by users of government data when trying to put that data to use.  

The discussions enabled by the blogs hosted on data.gov.uk are part of the broader discussion taking place in the context of the government’s Data Programme. So, we think it makes sense for these conversations to take place in the same place - the Data in Government blog. This will mean there is one main place to go to read about and discuss what’s happening in the world of government data.

We’ve migrated all  the blog posts on data.gov.uk and their comments to the Data in Government blog and we will be closing down the data.gov.uk blog functionality in the coming weeks. The migration shouldn’t cause any issues, clicking on links to old blog posts should take you to the right post on the new Data in Government blog. But if you encounter any broken links please let us know so we can fix it.

Please note that you don’t need an account to post comments on the data in government blog.