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DayNurseriesUK is the most detailed online resource for day care and nursery facilities, for the use of parents, day nursery providers and facilities, and products and services providers; also offering a range of data, news items and events details. Dataset Name: Ofsted, Care Commission, CSSIW reports Dataset URL: http://www.ofsted.gov.uk, http://www.carecommission.com, http://www.cssiw.org.uk Dataset Provider: Oftead, Care Commission, CSSIW

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What does this application actually do??

Can you explain what this application will do??

Do you get a widget for example to search for nurseries? Can you fee nursery details into a website - what?


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Day Nurseries is primarily a directory site which aims to assist parents in their search for a nursery, its does this by listing as much information about UK nurseries as possible. You can search using the mapping feature by country, region or county or by post code. Secondly the site aims to provide information for those in the industry this includes; listing jobs and career opportunities, day nursery data and what are the latest products and services and where to find them. In terms of 'feeding' details into a website, the site gets its information from Ofsted but if you know of a nursery which is not listed please contact 01488684321. I hope this answers your query.

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Try elsewhere

This is just a privately run (and funded) company trying to make money from parents looking for childcare. 

For anyone who is genuinely looking for childcare please note that local authorities are required to provide this information (via their Family Information Service) to a national Government run website. The information is available at this link: http://childcarefinder.direct.gov.uk/

The information provided here is free and impartial.

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