Where Did My Tax Go?

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UK Tax Calculators

Enter your gross income for the last 8 years and this app will tell you the total amount of tax and ni paid and where the government spent it!

Dataset Name: PESA
Dataset URL: http://data.gov.uk/dataset/public_expenditure_statistical_analyses
Dataset Provider: HM Treasury

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Some updates...

I've added a line graph for the total amount of tax paid from 2003-2010 and a bar chart of total expenditure to make it more graphical!

I will be adding a breakdown of each spending category shortly.

If you have any ideas to make it more useful, please let me know - especially a better way to implement the taxpayer leaguetable as it's not getting a lot of use!


Ray Arman

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Real Good

Very good application for prompt tax payers.

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Where did my tax go?

A very useful tool, I can see myself using this to put debates into perspective.
Thanks for this

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