Where Can I Live?

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Christopher Osborne

An app to tell you where you can afford to live. Works on travel time and house prices from a set point, like your place of work. Say how much you can afford and how long you want to travel for, and we will show you all the places you can live. http://www.where-can-i-live.com Dataset Name: Travel Times from TfL Journey Planner Dataset URL: http://journeyplanner.tfl.gov.uk/user/XSLT_TRIP_REQUEST2?language=en Dataset Provider: My screen scraper

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Expand to home counties

Great concept that answers a frequent question, but it is crying out for expansion to the home counties - is this a possibility?

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Try this for whole UK

http://www.locrating.com/CommutingMap.aspx covers the whole of the UK and has loads of journey options (e.g. direct trains only).  They also deal with schools as well.

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Try using...

http://commutefrom.com - it's far superior to this underground-only option.

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Great if you live in London.

Great if you live in London. Can this be expanded to those in the South-west?

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expand to overground

This is only really useful if you include overground tubes too - restricting it to the tube really limits it and make it irrelevant to many people.

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Could you make it clear that this is London only, so others don't have their hopes dashed as cruelly as I? ;-)

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Make it clear this is LONDON ONLY

My thoughts exactly, I thought, this is exactly what I'm looking for, and then end up uttering a set of expletives!

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London only

What about the rest of the country

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