When Is My MOT Due

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Whenismymotdue.co.uk is a free online MOT advice and information service

With few exceptions, vehicles over three years old must undergo an annual MOT test to ensure they are roadworthy. This can be a time of stress for vehicle owners, especially if they are unsure when their test is due or how to find a reliable MOT station, and many are unprepared for the additional cost if the test shows that their car needs repairs.

WhenismyMOTdue.co.uk takes the headache out of the process by gathering together a host of useful MOT resources into a single interactive website. Our pages are packed with useful information, including a comprehensive breakdown of the MOT testing criteria, making it simple for visitors to check which aspects of their vehicle need work.

With a few clicks, visitors can check a vehicle's MOT history, find out when the current MOT is due to expire, locate their nearest MOT testing stations, and set up free email reminders for their MOT due date. Our MOT cost pages show the legal maximum costs for MOT testing for different types of vehicle, so our visitors can ensure they’re not overcharged.

With our website, anyone can check a vehicle’s MOT expiry date by entering the registration number and make. Our site accesses data held by the DVLA, meaning it's 100% accurate. This feature is also handy for those thinking of buying a second-hand vehicle.

With WhenismyMOTdue.co.uk, no-one need ever forget when their MOT is due. Visitors who sign up to our free MOT reminder service will receive automatic reminders 30 days, 14 days and 7 days before the test is due, giving plenty of time to find and book a reputable MOT testing station.

For those who are ready to book an MOT, our MOT station finder will generate a list of MOT stations local to the specified town or postcode area, with full contact details and the results shown on an interactive map.

We believe our site provides a unique and useful service as the UK’s first stop for advice and information on MOT testing.

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Inaccurate information

The data.gov site states  that an MOT reminder service is available following registration on the "When is my MOT due" . There is no such facility on that site and they effectively state that no such service is available.

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When is my MOT due?

As ever, the DVLA is badly run with an arrogant CEO.  They are so bureucratic and up themselves and simply organise a money rinsing operation whereby motorists are fleeced and misled at every opportunity. What with taking the remains of the existing month from you when you sell a vehicle and then forcing you to buy road tax for a new vehicle from the 1st of the month it is a giant rip-off facility created by government legislation. If you allow your MOT to run out your insurance is invalid. The DVLA know whether a vehicle has Insurance or an MOT so, why don't they advise everyone before the expiry date? The main point is that having a number plate is good business for the government and yet people can rip people off for millions in the business world and nothing happens to them, however, if you do anything slightly wrong when you have a number plate you are bang to rights at every opportunity. The DVLA should be closed and remodelled on a human scale and not be a shambles, unaccountable and badly run.

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