Walkonomics - Find a Walkable Route

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Adam Davies
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Find the most beautiful walking route between any two points in 7 cities:
> Central London

> Glasgow

> Paris

> New York

> San Francisco

> Toronto

> Buenos Aires

+ more on the way!

Walkonomics analyses over 1.7 million street trees and thousands of urban parks to find beautiful routes through tree-filled streets and parks. Research has shown that walking through streets with plenty of trees and parks increases feelings of happiness and reduces stress.  

Watch our explainer video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gP4TjkZQoQs

Features include:
> Find walking directions of the most beautiful route anywhere in 7 cities;
> Use the slider to find faster routes that still include beautiful streets and parks;
> Get the fastest walking directions for any city and town in the world;
> View a WalkHood map showing the places you can walk to in 5 minutes;
> Find information on nearby places within walking distance;
> See statistics on how long the walk will take, how many calories you will burn and how much CO2 you will save;
> Check the pedestrian-friendliness of nearby streets and areas;
> View search results on a map with colour-coded markers;
> Add your own ratings of street walkability and include photos;
> Login with Facebook, Twitter or Email;
> Undertake walkability audits and crowdsource local people’s ideas for improving streets.

Each street is rated for walkability in the following eight categories: 
- Road safety; 
- Easy to cross; 
- Pavement/Sidewalk quality; 
- Hilliness; 
- Navigation; 
- Fear of crime; 
- Smart & beautiful; 
- Fun & relaxing.

Ratings are automatically generated from Open Data and then refined using real peoples reviews.  

The app also uses OpenStreetMap to map the parts of your neighbourhood that you can walk to in 5 minutes. So why not see how walkable your street and neighbourhood is and add your own rating.

Download the iPhone app: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/walkonomics-find-beautiful/id597789063

Download the Android app: http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tasol.walkonomics

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Making the city friendlier to

Making the city friendlier to cyclists and walkers is one just one of the potential benefits of open data; although it won’t solve  health issues overnight but, little by little, it can nudge us to make better choices in every day life.

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good app

I think this is good app. People should use it

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