UK Postcodes

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Stuart Harrison

An API for Codepoint Open. Shows the Latitude, Longitude, Easting, Northing and Local Authority details (county, district, ward) for a given point. Also shows nearest postcodes to a postcode and allows reverse geocoding (lat/lng to postcode)

Data available in XML, JSON, CSV and RDF.

Dataset Name: Codepoint Open
Dataset URL:
Dataset Provider: Ordnance Survey

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Coverage of UK Postcodes

Does not seem to include Northern Ireland so should be called GB Postcodes, NOT UK Postcodes

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Re: Coverage of UK Postcodes

I wasn't aware that it didn't contain NI data when I bought the domain. However, I have found this source of data, which I'm happy to add, but not sure of licensing constraints:

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Northern Ireland Postcodes

The NISRA postcode data for Northern Ireland is freely re-usable under the Click Use PSI Licence. I've made the data available as a single CSV here

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another source for NI

you can find a download of all UK postcodes including northern ireland at

a) there is no statement of licensing conditions and
b) the data is only to postcode district i.e. "outward code" level

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I recently opted to use the Geocoder from Googlemaps based on the fact that I couldnt' find any real documentation on the allowed uses of the UK Postcode Data. All online references seem to suggest the same - that the data may not be queried as part of any application carrying out postcode to longitude and latitude conversion. Has something changed with this and have OS now given up the copyright to this data or they simply allowing people to build apps based on the data with the intention of taking legal action against them in the future?

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Doesn't seem to work anymore

Is this app still active, doesn't find any of the postcodes I try, just returns not found.

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App works fine

I've just updated the code, and taken on the project with Stuart Harrison. The service is working.

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Doesn't work

It doens't work for me anymore either.

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Get empty JSONs frequently

Hi there,

I use this service for my registration page.

Its not a high volume usage, perhaps 100 queries a day. Very regularly though I get empty JSON returns.

It also happens if I make the same request twice, even manually via my browser.

If this is by design for throttling purposes its seems a little severe! No error is returned either which doesnt help, just an empty reponse.

Can you shed any light on this..?



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Looks like this app is no

Looks like this app is no longer actively maintained.

Perhaps you can fix it yourself by making a pull request on github?

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County data?

Description above says UK Postcode API returns county, district and ward for a postcode. My tests show there is no former postal county information returned. Has this data now been removed and if so is there any alternative open data source for this information? Thanks for any insight you might have here.

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You can find information

You can find information about all postcode in UK at Address Data including cencus information of each postcode unit.

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App is no longer maintained but found a better site

The site is not updated for a while you can check this new site Free Address And Postcode Lookup Tool. I hope this helps.

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