UK House Prices

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Christian Heilmann

A visualisation of the house price trends in the UK based on the information published by the Land Registry.

UK House Prices allows you to see the trend in prices in a certain area and compare them with current prices and other locations easily.

Users can pick from a predefined list of locations (using Autocomplete) and get an interactive trends graph. They can also download the information as a CSV to Excel.

Below the graph are current offers in the area powered by Nestoria. The application is also available as a Yahoo Open Application.

Dataset Name: Median house price (with regular updates)
Dataset URL:
Dataset Provider: Land Registry

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Location Selection

The application would benefit from a more sophisticated lcation selection tool. As a minimum, the list of locations should be sorted.

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This data set or application is limited to England. England != UK.

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Northern Ireland

Why isn't data from Northern Ireland listed - we are part of the UK - for now...

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